Cra-zy Cookies


at least one perfect pear

Urgency Day: 499

500 Things Item #2: Copper Cookie Cutters

  • Bought for fancy Christmas cookie baking
  • Used maybe twice
  • Slightly wistful at parting: didn’t live up to vision; waste of money
  • Sell

Aren’t they beautiful?

partridge * snowflake * star

A star, a snowflake, a partridge and a pear, all over-sized and made of heavy copper, perfect for Christmas baking and gifting.

Only I didn’t. Well, not enough to justify spending $36 on them. Yep, at $9.00 a pop, those were an expensive couple of cookies.

Aren’t homemade gifts supposed to be frugal?

These feel like they are from another life, and in fact, they are. I bought them in Virginia when Sam was younger. I am sure I envisioned baking and decorating cookies with him during the holidays, putting them in gorgeous papers and delivering them to our grateful neighbors who would invite us in out of the snow for a bracing cup of hot cocoa.

I am over that vision delusion.

Like most everyone else, I have made too many purchases trying to live up to some unrealistic ideal in my head. A dream of the way we wish our lives were or could be if we had the right stuff. I’m just at the beginning of my Get Rid of 500 Things Project, but I have a feeling that a lot of those 500 things will fall into this category of regretted purchases.

So good riddance to the stuff and the regret.

Two other observations about cookies and me.

  • I do, according to a few reliable sources, make some fairly awesome cookies. I am especially thinking of my version of my mom’s Tollhouse Cookies. These are pretty darned popular, but you would never make them into stars or snowflakes or partridges- with or without their pear trees. From now on, I’ll be sticking to free-form cookies. Hmm, free…
  • I’m a gluten-free baker now. I have even adapted the Tollhouse recipe for gluten-free baking. Laura said that if she hadn’t been told they were sans gluten, she wouldn’t have known there was a difference. And she’s one very smart cookie. 🙂

One Response to “Cra-zy Cookies”

  1. sydney Says:

    Sweet relief that smart-cookie Laura couldn’t tell the difference in your modified Tollhouse recipe. You had my heart racing for a moment there…

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