Hummel? Anyone?


the real deal

Urgency day: 498

500 Things Item #3: Hummel “Wayside Devotion”

  • From my Aunt Tunne via my parents
  • Value? Once but no longer
  • Zero ambivalence. No really
  • Sell on eBay

People fall into two categories:

  1. Those who appreciate Hummels.
  2. Those who do not appreciate Hummels.

(Okay, Sam. I’ve played my reductio ad absurdum card for the day. Thanks.)

Back in the days of yore, or was it yesteryear, my family collected Hummels. Lots and lots of Hummels.

My dad’s sister, Aunt Tunne, was an antiques dealer in New England. She had a beautiful old house in Connecticut that I absolutely adored visiting as a kid. It was chock-a-block full of collectibles: decorative plates, fine porcelain chocolate pots, sturdy ewers, solid Yankee furniture and tiny salt and pepper shakers for every imaginable occasion. When I was a young girl, her house seemed magical to me, with its secret-passage closets and over-stuffed, dusty curio cabinets.

Many years later, I visited with my husband. My 6 foot 4 inch husband.

“I’m a bull in a china shop.”

We took a lot of long walks. I had never known her neighborhood was so pretty.

But Hummels. I’ve sold a lot of them through the years, mostly at yard sales. Now before you think I might have squandered something important for 25 cents like a copy of the Declaration of Independence, I did do some research on their values.

Turns out my Aunt either didn’t know a real Hummel from, let’s say, a convincing reproduction, or she gifted the real ones to her own children and grandchildren. And if you’re one of those people who thinks a real Hummel doesn’t have much value, let me tell you how worthless a repro is.

But this one, Wayside Devotion, Hummel 28/2, is authentic. So it’s going up on eBay. And no scolding please. I have plenty of stuff I do like from my dad and his sis. Plenty. Of. Non-Cloying Stuff.

[Here’s my eBay auction link!     I will gratefully update the final take on all eBay sales as they occur.]


One Response to “Hummel? Anyone?”

  1. sydney Says:

    Dude. Where’s the eBay link? Even if Hummels aren’t my thing, I like to see the going rate for a little wayside devotion.

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