The Shining Light of Erin!


Some say April is the cruelest month,
With them, I don’t agree.
For April is the happy month
Our Erin came to be.

Oh, everyday I think of her
Whilst writing at my desk.
For she provides the joyous light
That brightens every task.

Not by her smile, tho warm and bright,
Could chase away the damp.
No, she illuminates my toil
Through a Perfect Purple Lamp.

“A Lamp?” you scoff. “T’is too mundane
To celebrate in verse.”
Not this one, No! And proof I’ll grant
Your opinion to reverse.

One thing alone you need to know
And sympathy depends;
This gift she and her sister made:
They themed it on our Friends!

Not friends, such as are near and dear
In heart, if not in miles.
No Friends, the television show!
From us brings certain smiles.

So gaze upon these pictures few,
Delight and be declarin’.
For how could April still be cruel,
When to me brought my Erin.


2 Responses to “The Shining Light of Erin!”

  1. boysgonewild Says:

    That’s still one of my favorite gifts EVER.

  2. Sean Says:

    I will stop saying (as I do every year) that April is the cruelest month, for though it brings pollen agony and pollen-medicine dull wittedness, I will in the future recall this wonderful poem, the short span in which this wonderful lamp resided in our home, and the wonderful Erin.

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