Four is too many, Nine is just odd


Urgency Day: 494

500 Things Item 6: gray sweatpantscoming in fourth

  • From Target (do you say “tar-zhay”?) a couple of years ago
  • Fine for fourth-favorite sweatpants
  • Cementing commitment to not overbuy
  • Donation

Item 7: set of 9 small plates

  • At least a decade’s worth of meals and parties
  • More than enough use to justify purchase
  • After many years, my table aesthetic simply changed
  • Donation or theme yard sale, which ever comes first

Two items today. Catching up from yesterday, when I did manage to post my tribute to my darling Erin on her birthday and clean my house. I even cleaned my oven. Woohoo!

Well… I pushed the self-clean button on my oven. But woohoo! I remembered to push the self-clean button on my oven! No more setting off the smoke alarm when I bake gluten-free bread. Not for a few loaves anyway.

But today.

The gray sweatpants shrank in the wash, so I’m not sorry to part with them. They are still perfectly functional, just not the ones I choose to wear. The thing I was thinking about them is how they were never my first, second or even third favorite pair of gray sweatpants. Why would anyone even have four pairs of gray sweatpants?

I wish I could say I got tricked into buying two of the other pairs. Sadly, that would be untrue. But I was given my favorite pair by my sweet Laura, one half of the amazing lamp-design team. That pair is my favorite. They are a wonderfully-comfortable, soft gray cashmere, and we call them “apartment pants.” (Again, see The Lamp.)

Those I will keep. The other two pairs of gray sweatpants?

Around item #467 in this project, I may really need to unload another pair or two of gray sweatpants.

The set of 9 small yellow dishes have been well-loved and used. So well used, in fact, that they were formerly part of a set of 12 small yellow dishes.

Can you name the movie that contains the following dish-purchasing reference:

“Ten, because 12 is too many and 8 is too few.”

(Obviously, Donna and Laura, I hear you.)

Well, I bought 12, broke 3 along the way, and will part with nine. Yellow is nice, but as a fan of “food porn,” I really prefer white dishes now. In parting with them, I am hedging about one thing: If I get a message that a family needs dishes, they will be happily donated. But, if my themed yard sale comes around and they are still in the donations box, then I will sell them.

Either way, best wishes to the dishes.


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