Watching the Watchers


Urgency Day: 492

500 Things Item 9: Bookends

  • Bought to go in Sam’s jungle-themed bedroom, ages 6-9
  • Dutifully held up picture books– Pokemon and otherwise
  • Wistful at parting
  • eBay sale

Yesterday, books; today, bookends. It’s a theme!

But alas, Sam’s bedroom is definitely not still jungle-themed. Although around exam time, I think I have spotted a raging tiger in there…

I’m trying an experiment with these “Delightful Children’s Decorative Bookends.“

My current eBay sale of the Hummel has been fascinatingly different from my previous eBay sales. All of those generated far fewer “views” but were ultimately successful (except for those pesky shipping charges I bemoaned in the Hummel post). This auction has lots of “views” and “watchers” but no bids. Well, yet. I am curious to see if the watchers turn into bidders at the last second, when they will swoop in and try to get my Hummel for a bargain.

Did you see the season 1 episode of Big Bang Theory, “The Nerdvana Annihilation”? It’s relevant.

Or maybe it’s just my sweet blog friends doing all that viewing of my Hummel. In that case, that sucker ain’t goin’ no where.

So my experiment. There is less of a built-in audience (believe it or not) for my cute bookends, but I’m going to list them without a starting price. They are a little heavy, so I still need to put a shipping charge on them (fie!), but no minimum bid. Then I will have an interesting if statistically unviable comparison to make. Starting price or no starting price: Which is the more successful eBay strategy?

Or maybe it’s just Hummel or no Hummel.

The Delightful Children’s Decorative Bookends auction will start on Friday as the Hummel “Wayside Devotion” auction ends.

Pinch me, this is getting exciting!


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