eBay Updates: The Hummel and the Bookends/Book ends


The Hummel auction ended at approximately 3:00 CDT today. Boy, those last 15 minutes were hectic!

You see, I am an idiot. Okay, maybe not an idiot, but a really new, really green, really naive eBayer.

When I put in the description of the Hummel that the trademark was smeared,  I thought I was being really up front and honest.

Why oh why did I not just put in a flingin’ flangin’ picture of the smeared thing?!!

I do not know. Only excuse, see list above: new, green, naive.

The Hummel People got a little miffed with me. Sample last-minute email remarks:

  • “Where’s the picture of the mark?!”
  • “Why didn’t you just include a picture of the trademark?”
  • “Hello! A picture is worth a 1000 useless words.”

Final take: $57.

Was it worth it? If I can get the thing to the winner in one piece, I will say yes. Otherwise, NO MORE HUMMELS!

(Point of fact: I own no more Hummels, so that’s an easy promise to keep.)

Also, the bookends or book ends auction went up today. I did learn BEFORE I started this auction that for things with a name that some people might spell in different ways in their searches, you put both spellings in your title. That’s why it looks like this:



I’m serious.


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