Mouse Liberation Front


Urgency Day: 485

500 Things Items 16: Dead Mouse and Unused USB Port

  • Contributed by Paul from his office
  • Many usefulness units reported
  • No parting pain other than replacement cost for the mouse
  • Recycle (new category!)

What can I say about my sweet husband? Stepping up and contributing to my project.

I love you, darling.

What can I say about a dead mouse and an unused USB port?

Not much.

I can report that the death of this mouse engendered a lively household debate about computer mice in general. Sam and I are passionate about our wireless mice. The freedom! The mobility! The reduction, if only by one, of another cord from our lives!

Paul resolutely didn’t care– which flabbergasted us partisan mouse-users.

Actually, he came around when he found that a wireless mouse costs about the same as its tethered kin.

Mice freedom, if not a free mouse.

I got nothing on the USB port.


One Response to “Mouse Liberation Front”

  1. Sean Says:

    Ever since the days when we stopped using balls in our mice, I have been essentially happy with mine. I no longer need to keep alcohol and q-tips next to my computer for those regular cleaning sessions. How did all this hair get in there?

    With four computers in the house, I have gone through a ton of them. Size is the most important thing to me. Too small hurts my palm and too large the buttons won’t click. At this point I am solidly in the wired mouse camp for two reasons: I hate changing batteries and the wireless plug-ins get flakey in an office as EMR-flooded as mine. Just keep trackballs far away. Unless I’m playing Centipede.

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