Not Worth Its Weight in Gold


Urgency Day: 484

500 Things Item 17: Gold Star Candy Dish

  • Purchased for some long forgotten holiday party
  • Corralled M&Ms etc. every single time I needed it to
  • Zero parting pain
  • Theme yard sale

I am definitely not giving myself a gold star.

In fact, this innocuous little gold-painted star-shaped candy dish epitomizes everything I am trying to purge from my life. Why did I feel compelled to purchase a specialized themed candy dish for some event I don’t even specifically remember? Believe me, I had and still have plenty of bowls, dishes, cups, baskets, glasses, crocks and pottery that would have done the job just fine. Too many. Some will be showing up here, no doubt.

Oh the continuing self-flagellation.

[Bring in the chi, Suzanne, bring in the chi.]

I know this relates to my holiday-decoration problem. I was in my basement just this morning organizing a bit (Oh, happy day!), when I found a couple of holiday things that still needed to be stowed in one of the seasonal bins. They were a Yankee Candle Co. pine-scented candle and the last string of little white lights that had finally been removed from the back deck.

Rationalization warning!

The candle was a gift and does provide a lovely verdant Alpine forest kind of scent for holiday visitors to our powder room. Fine. And I was beginning to think the lights should have just been left up for summer al fresco dining pleasure. I must have forgotten to tell my handy husband about this idea for repurposing the “holiday” lights. They came off the deck with the recent first grass cutting of the season. Very spring season. Very not holiday season.

At least all the decorations came down from the front of the house in a timely manner. But this time, the gold star candy dish won’t just get stored.

Our dear friends in Fredericksburg are participating in a community yard sale this very weekend. I am consumed with envy or jealousy or whichever one isn’t too venial. I asked for pictures and details. I am actually a yard-sale groupie. Good luck, guys! Sell the damn boat and anything else you can.

And remember, much like Tom Joad fighting the good fight,

“Wherever there’s a yard sale that is soul-cleansing, I’ll be there.”


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