Sunset on Twilight


Urgency Day: 480

500 Things Items 19-22

  • Series read at urging of darling nieces
  • Really enjoyed book 2
  • Never going to make the 250 list
  • Donations

I guess I’m not an Edward girl.

Is it age? (probably) Is it wisdom? (probably not) Is it that I am actually an Aragorn girl and I already married him, so no need pining over an immortal, slightly creepy fictional vampire? Definitely!

At any rate, the Twilight series will not be in my Very Streamlined Library.

Which brings up an interesting point: Series definitely count as one entry in the list of 250 books. I would never have just one volume of the Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, although I might have only The Lion, The Witch, The Wardrobe from the seven-volume Chronicles of Narnia. But then again, probably not.  If it does make the cut, I pledge not to count it as 1/7 a book.

But here’s a tricky bit of accounting. I am counting the Twilight books separately for purposes of my 500 Things project. Wow, I can almost hear the indignant shouts of “hypocrite!”

Different project, different rules.

Even if you quibble with that logic, I have on other occasions clumped together several related things and called them one donation. I’m thinking of the cookie cutters or the school supplies, so I think I can take this liberty.

Nothing like starting off the week with a good juicy rationalization.

Two of my nieces encouraged me to read the Twilight books. I loved their enthusiasm, and these books were certainly all over the popular media, so I gave the first one a try. It was, well, good enough that I tried the second. I actually really enjoyed the second one which propelled me with increasing disappointment but a sincere desire for closure through the last two.

Let’s just say I really like the movie soundtracks.

Blog alert:

This week will be devoted to the book project. Sam’s chapter of National Honor Society is collecting books to donate to several local causes. The second period class at his high school that collects the most donations gets a bagel/donut breakfast as a reward. Even though I won’t get– and couldn’t eat anyway– the yummy breakfast treats, I am happy to help Sam’s pursuit of a mid-morning carbo-coma.

And truly, the timing couldn’t be better for me. Culling the library is easy and even enjoyable, and I could use the simplicity this week. We are preparing for the arrival later this week of very dear friends. I’ve got some baking to do!

Gluten free, of course.


One Response to “Sunset on Twilight”

  1. Donna Says:

    Now you well know that I’m all about breaking these kinds of rules. I’m remembering the “Who brought this song?” game we played at the beach many summers ago. I’m also feeling you pain regarding the necessity of keeping up with an unrelenting daily have-to. Isn’t it amazing how quickly twenty-four hours go by and it’s time to do the task again, and then again, and then again. (Sort of like planning dinner.) Seriously, I think your solution is terrific. I’m only sorry I’m not there to contribute to the book drive.

    FYI Even without yet counting my cookbooks, the books in the basement, the books in Jim’s office, or Mom’s books, I’m at close to 1,200. I’ll let you know what my 250 volume library ultimately looks like, but I’m so grateful to know that Harry, Taran, and Frodo will be taking up only three spots, not fifteen. Now what about that complete set of ST:NG magazines I have?

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