Radiant Laura


When you look at this picture, what do you see?

I see radiance.

That’s Laura with Sam. My niece, our niece, Sam’s cousin, Laura.

She’s also one of the amazing Lamp Lighters.

In truth, Laura radiates light herself.

I have never met anyone who loves knowledge as much as Laura. Not just the knowing, but the pursuit of knowledge. The sweep of her interests is astonishing. For proof, here are but two: Shakespeare and Astronomy. In celebration of that, I offer her this:

12 of the moons of Uranus bear names from the Bard’s plays.

  • Titania, Oberon and Puck
  • Miranda, Rosalind and Portia
  • Juliet, Desdemona and Bianca
  • Ophelia, Cressida and Cordelia

She will delight in that, but none, not one of those heavenly lights, compares to our lovely Laura.

When Laura arrives,

there is adventure;

there is excitement;

there is fun.

Sam learns to swing dance.

I learn Russian (ya teebya liu-BLU!).

Paul learns “he ain’t all that.” (No, not really; Bad-ass Laura loves her puzzle buddy!)

When Laura arrives,

we are movie stars.

Laura writes movies. And directs them. And creates props for them. And sings in them. And dances in them. And we are lucky enough to get swept up in her magic.

We become

  • pirates and Klingons,
  • princesses and rogues,
  • travelers and castaways.

In our plodding reality, we are hardly any of these.

But the real cherry on top?

Because of Laura, all the excitement is documented. Preserved and captured and set to music.

And password protected.

The first time the poet Petrarch saw his inspiration, Laura de Noves, he wrote that her radiance obscured the sun:

It was the day the sun’s ray turned pale.”

Our Laura is that kind of sun-obscuring radiant.

Happy birthday,  dearest Laura.


2 Responses to “Radiant Laura”

  1. boysgonewild Says:

    Wow. When I die, will you write my biography? Cuz you sure have a way with words, girlfriend.

  2. Donna Says:

    When I see Laura tonight, I will make sure she reads today’s blog. Laura, fairest laurel flower, we all certainly love her, but this is the best birthday “card” I’ve ever seen.


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