9 Squares a Day


Southwest Pinto Bean Burgers: Dinner 5/11

I swore I wouldn’t make this about food.

I even stated it right there on my first official post, “Here’s what I’m not doing: A food blog.” And here I go, tweaking again.

But I’m really not going to change the emphasis of my blog from downsizing and make it about food. First of all, as I said right after that quote above, one reason I’m not focusing specifically food is that I have friends who are already doing food blogs and far more beautifully than I could (see again my blogroll).

Second, there are so freakin’ many food blogs—some great and some less so– out there on the internets. I’m just not sure what I have to add.

Stephen Sondheim is going through my head right now:

George: I’ve nothing to say.
Dot: You have many things.
George: Well, nothing that’s not been said.
Dot: Said by you, though, George.

Clearly I’m George in that snippet from Sunday in the Park with George.

I do so wrassle with navel-gazing. Ironic?

Here’s the deal. Paul said to me, “Food is such an important part of our family life; it’s just got to be included in your blog.” Well, there you go.

Here’s my still-evolving plan:

  • Recipes
  • Referrals
  • Reality

Recipes: That’s pretty self-explanatory. I’ll share what I’m whipping up around here. I’m not a recipe creator, I’m a recipe “tweaker” (it’s a theme today!), so I’ll give full-credit to my sources.

Referrals: I would love to guide my guests to the sites I know and enjoy. This will also include links to relevant articles I read. I would especially love to put big flashing neon lights on my friends’ efforts. These women (so far, just a fact) are doing some inspiring food-blogging. Tip o’ the toque, ladies.

Reality: One reason food preparation is so central in our home is that I have a few food issues. Long ago, I became aware that I am lactose intolerant. How I became aware is a fun story I will share in this space. Much more recently, I discovered that I am gluten-sensitive. This is something I have mentioned in some toss-away comments, but I want to explain it more fully as there is much confusion about this subject.

9 Squares a Day

I’m calling this new food section 9 Squares a Day, because that’s what’s produced in our kitchen: 3 family members x 3 meals a day = 9 square meals, each and every day. And that’s before friends show up. We basically don’t eat out or bring in. I plan, shop for and prepare nine complete meals every day. Plus I enjoy baking tasty treats, as my friend Sydney calls them.

That’s a busy kitchen.

Actually, my take on feeding my family is consistent with our downsizing efforts. It’s much cheaper and far healthier to cook at home yourself than to rely on the packaged/processed/edible-foodlike-substances (thank you, Michael Pollan) that typify so many American diets.

For thoughts on this topic, I offer my first link to a relevant article. It’s called “Are You Eating Yourself into Debt?” and it’s on the Man vs. Debt website. I love this site for many many reasons! I hope you will check it out.

Oh how I wish I had a better camera now! A camera that could take blog-worthy food-porn pix. (That picture at the top of the blog is not mine! Here’s the link for this great recipe with the appropriate picture credit.) My lack of photo-cred will have to be tolerated and not used as an excuse to delay this latest tweak any more. So…

A votre sante! Let’s get cooking.


2 Responses to “9 Squares a Day”

  1. Sean Says:

    I also have a link to that recipe, on my blog. So intertwined with good times ala Suzanne & family… I agree with Paul (I would be a fool not to), food is essential to you. The planning, the crafting, the enjoying of it. In case you run out of blog topics, please file away these suggestions: meatballs, pancakes, and the Artists’ Pointe wine flight.

  2. sthibeault Says:

    I love that this recipe is on your blog, babe. Your private blog. So for the, um, multitudes… I provided a link.

    Also, that wine flight is truly legendary. Would it have flown as successfully, I wonder, if we hadn’t been able to gaze out the Artist’s Pointe windows at our balconies where our children were safely sequestered? sigh

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