yesterday, to-did: chicken panini*

It’s a list-day.

I love list-days!

They’re organized. They’re structured. They provide a neat path to completion, one satisfying check mark at a time.

Long-time friends and readers will know I’d like to apply some lamination to my day at this point. But I’m supposed to be eschewing that sort of rigidity and embracing change. Hard truth: tough to edit a laminated list.

But today’s list isn’t part of the larger Projects upon which I have embarked, so I’m not overly concerned about strict adherence to the no-lamination resolution. See, that’s growth: Flexibility about rigidity.

Here’s what I should accomplish today:

  • Pick up paperwork for client at credit union; meet with lovely K.C.
  • Return library books; check out holds
  • Swing by Wild Bran for gluten-free bread-baking supplies
  • Hit Target for other groceries
  • Drop off resume at library Human Resources (different from my branch)
  • Spend 90 minutes or so at the laundry mat washing Sam’s comforter; enjoy new library book

So, it’s mostly ordinary errands, peeckupandropov as Click and Clack would say. Except for the next to the last item. Did you catch that one?

I mentioned to some—and engaged the fantastic resume consulting services of two—that I was applying for a position in our local library system. Well, I didn’t get called for an interview.


But the encouraging news is that in the 2 weeks since I originally applied, two more openings have been posted. Fingers crossed and wheels a-squeakin’, I intend to apply for every fracking job they post. They should hire me just to be rid of me.

Of course, that to-do list item really is about the larger Projects upon which I have embarked. Employment, in the sense of urgent industry, informs every thing I do, everything there is for me to-do.

And that hard and fast rule is unconditionally laminated.

*chicken panini w/apricot sauce highly recommended!


4 Responses to “List-Days”

  1. Donna Says:

    What are we getting rid of these days?

    (Forgive the pressure, but I’ve had a lot of wine this afternoon and evening. And I wish I’d had the nerve to leave the preceding sentence looking like I originally typed it — under the influence.)

  2. sthibeault Says:

    Thanks, as always, for your interest. Urgency is being redirected at computer failures, employment applications and various crises, large and small. I will catch up with my 500 Things project, never fear; however, as my friend Sean said on his blog, things will be messy for awhile. Please bear with me.

  3. Sydney Says:

    You know that I like the laminated side of you, but that’s not why I’m writing. I wanted to tell you that I made the apricot chicken thing, but I made it as a chicken salad instead of grilled breasts, and it’s tasty as all get-out. The sandwiches are being packed for a picnic with the grandmothers this afternoon. I expect rapturous responses.

    • sthibeault Says:

      Such a fantastic idea! I have this panini-loving kid, so the original jumped off the webpage at me, but I will definitely try your clever adaptation. Oodles of love to the grandmothers!

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