3 Down: Nicely Done


Presenting, your Dartmouth Book Award winner.

I can’t afford my nervous breakdown.

Sam finishes school today.

The Self-Contained Unit is a senior.

Wasn’t I a senior just the other day?

Rant alert:

He should be celebrating by having just won the Battle of the Bands, but he didn’t. I know I am not the soul of objectivity in all-things-Sam, but here’s my quibble: The organizers of the competition encouraged the participants to perform original music, and then they gave first place to The Only Cover Band in the Event!

I’m thinking the fix is in.

Additional complaints:

  • On-going computer issues;
  • Air conditioning in the Jeep just died;
  • Paul didn’t get an interview for a job for which he was perfect.

Rant rant. Moan moan. Cry cry.

Alright. That’s enough of that.

Everybody neat and pretty?

Then on with the show…


6 Responses to “3 Down: Nicely Done”

  1. Donna Says:

    While Mom has been in Atlanta, I’ve used the opportunity to get some dusting done in her “apartment” — while watching old Outer Limits episodes, I might add. (That’s fodder for an entirely different discussion.) Anyway, she has a lot of pictures of Sam about, and when I compare little Sam with the picture of the now high school senior Sam, it’s a little bit jarring. Where did all of those years go? Congratulations and huzzahs to my spectacular nephew — and the parents who brought to this moment! You three are the best!!

    PS Thanks for bringing the discard pile up to date. No pressure, I just look forward to what will be next.

    • sthibeault Says:

      As I said, I am so grateful for your interest! I am also very grateful for your cleaning efforts and your contributions to the Sam-project. Our village did very very good. But what’s this about Outer Limits? Start a thread!

  2. Sean Says:

    That contest sounds fishy (smells fishy?). Being a judge isn’t easy, and I think sometimes they forget their own rules, or the intent of the competition. “That tune sounds familiar and catchy! Ergo, that band must be the best.” I have incontrovertible proof that Sam is Da Man: the three most-often viewed videos on our blog are all Sam performances.
    Likewise Paul. He is Da Man as well.

  3. ellen Says:

    your rant made me feel better. now i’ll go get neat and pretty.

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Sam is our favorite rock star EVER, whether he wins or not (but he totally should have won).

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