16 Disc-ards


Urgency Day 444

500 Things Items 53-57: 16 CDs (bonus discards!)

  • Purchased over the last 22 years (and 1 gift)
  • 2 or 3 greatly enjoyed; the rest, not so much
  • No parting pain
  • Sell

Oh, how I envy the down-load generation.

Here’s my perfect technologically enhanced life:

  • All books on electronic readers or borrowed from the library (with some exceptions—have you checked the 250 Books Project page recently?)
  • All paperwork filed electronically
  • All photos in categorized e-folders and on scrupulously indexed CDs
  • All music on a few genre-specific iPods

That would be 24th century, I’m living on the Enterprise D, perfect.

And I’m really quite remarkably far from creating any 21st century version of my ideal.

I still have vinyl kicking around, for crying out loud! And of course, CDs. Lots and lots and lots of CDs. I can imagine that seeing me part with a mere 16 of them is like when you’re watching one of those shows about hoarders, and they finally finally agree to throw away the moldy loaf of bread under the dead bird.

It sort of misses the more obvious enormous putrid point.

Well, eventually, I hope it all matters. Every CD and every book and every silly dish, candle and spoon. And I hope someone cares. At the risk of undermining the decluttering impulses of my loved ones: Does anyone want any of this? I will ship.

Of course, Sam already has much of the iPod/laptop/e-filing waltz down. It’s just second nature to him and his ilk. Sam’s bugaboo is guitars and the cables needed to amplify them. (The concept of the beloved Sherpa is not lost on him. I tell him that’s why roadies were invented.)

I think about how his departure for college will differ from my own:

  • Reference material: on his laptop NOT 3 boxes of “essential” books
  • Pictures: on his laptop NOT 3 over-sized photo albums
  • Music: on his laptop and iPod NOT 3 bins of vinyl plus clunky turntable and speakers

It makes me weep with envy. I did not travel light. I was high-maintenance. I regret this.

Today’s exercise in contrition: The list of available disc-ards:

  • Madonna: Like a Prayer; I’m Breathless; Immaculate Collection
  • Paul McCartney: Flaming Pie
  • Royal Crown Revue: Kings of Gangster Bop; The Contender
  • Chicago: The Musical: Revival Cast Album
  • Spamalot: Original Cast Album
  • Old Ground: Seven Nations
  • Julie Andrews: A Little Bit of Broadway
  • Natalie Cole: Stardust; Unforgettable
  • BBC Recording of the Funeral Music for Diana
  • Sunday Sessions, Music from St. Paul Sunday
  • Fatal Mambo: Rumba Citation
  • Return of the Jedi soundtrack

The last one is funny. I have no idea why I have a third copy of this particular soundtrack. I am keeping 2, so no worries. I haven’t completely lost my religion.

In case you are counting– as I am gratefully aware some of you are-– that’s more items eliminated than required to stay on pace.

Atonement is usually expensive.


3 Responses to “16 Disc-ards”

  1. boysgonewild Says:

    OK, I suppose I can take your THIRD copy of the Jedi music off your hands. Since you have two others. TWO OTHERS.

    But I may have to keep it for us. The boys love a good dance party.


  2. Donna Says:

    I would be happy to take the “Saint Paul Sunday Sessions” off your hands. It has the most beautiful version of “Viens, Malika” (sp?) from Lakme. I will pass it on to one of your nieces, if you don’t change your mind upon reading this response. No need to ship it; we’ll get it sometime.

    Culling the CDs! I think this might be harder for me than shrinking the personal library. I’ve always wondered what happens to one’s music on a computer or an ipod when that particular device decides to give up the ghost. How would one retrieve and recover that much music? Relying on electronic devices (other than the computer on the Enterprise D) for storage scares me.

    • sthibeault Says:

      I’m actually keeping the CD to which your refer. The one I’m offering is “American Air.” A number of times, I have put it on and end up turning it off a few tracks in. Something just doesn’t suit me. I’m happy to send it along. Did you see Elizabeth claimed the ROTJ soundtrack– after I insisted she take it? (This particular transaction started on her blog.)

      Please submit iPod questions to The Self-Contained Unit. Thanks.

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