Not #72 on My List!


Oh, you know we have to play along with this.

US Magazine and Entertainment Weekly have published a list:

The 100 Greatest Characters in

Pop Culture of the Last 20 Years.

And Starbuck is only #72?!

Let the games begin.

Submit your choices, as many as you like. I’ll compile yours and offer 5 or 10 of my own– and certainly much better than their stupid selections.

I’ve created a page with their list, so you can either create your list with clues or tabula rasa.

It’s feeling pretty SKREWTY around here!

2 Responses to “Not #72 on My List!”

  1. Donna Says:

    How dare you give me another list to make!! I’ll never get my work done. (You know I’m a sucker for a list.)

    I didn’t look at THEIR list yet; wanted to make mine without any “pollution.” I’ve only just begun, but the first character that popped into my head, even before Harry Potter, was David Tennant’s Doctor Who. Now, it’s true that Doctor Who is an old, a verrrrry old, character — in more ways than one. But the version created by DT beginning about five years ago, has to be on the list. Next came Sheldon Cooper. Then Harry Potter. For the rest, I’ve been busy looking up the “birth years” of various TV shows, movies, and books. The next step will be to consult with Laura. I’ll get back to you eventually.


    • sthibeault Says:

      There’s a very specific character on the official list who is most definitely older than 20, but I’m sure I know how they are justifying it. Go for your Dr. Who. Versions matter.

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