Asteroids Beck-ons


party-fan not partisan

Urgency Day 442

500 Things Item 59: Asteroids Deluxe!

  • Conveyed with house
  • Great conversation piece
  • Enjoying the distribution process
  • Craig’s List

Asteroids Deluxe reminds me of Glenn Beck.

[That’s the only time you will see that name in that form on this blog. Henceforth, whenever absolutely necessary to reference him at all, he will be called by his rightful Keith Olbermann epithet, “Lonesome Rhodes Beck.”]

Here are the six degrees of connection between our arcade game and Lonesome Rhodes Beck:

  1. A pool table conveyed with our house in Herndon:
  2. We sold the pool table on Craig’s List:
  3. The cash-wielding purchaser referenced his devotion to “Lonesome Rhodes” Beck of whom, in 2006, I had blessedly never heard:
  4. An Asteroids Deluxe arcade game conveyed with our house in Chicagoland:
  5. We are selling the game on Craig’s List:
  6. I am wondering if another Lonesome Rhodes devotee will inexplicably show up at my house.

And I wonder how the Rhoadies would feel if they knew they were paying to schlep heavy stuff away for a bunch of card-carrying commie/socialists.

Cash only; all sales final.


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