Bloody Stuff


Urgency Day 438

500 Things Item 60: Student Desk

(and 61-63: Super-boring clothes)


  • From IKEA, when Sam wanted additional work surface
  • Prepared Sam for eventual over-crowded dorm room experience
  • Make it go away!
  • Yard sale, apparently

I really thought this desk would be a triumphant donation.

Last week, I offered it to my Families Helping Families client thinking how perfect it would be for her son to use for art projects and very soon for school work, only to be informed that my uber-generous mentor partner had already gifted our client with an “awesome” desk for the little guy. Weeks ago. Man, I hate a missed decluttering opportunity. Now I have to store the thing until my hypothetical yard sale.

Oh well, “stuff happens.” That’s kind of the theme, isn’t it?

A similar phrase caught my eye this morning in the Times book review of Justin Cronin’s new not-yet-released-but-already-a-best-seller, The Passage: “Civilization Goes Viral; Stuff Ensues.” Momentarily missing the fact that this was a book review, I got all jazzed anticipating an article detailing the connections between our wired civilization and wretched excess.

The book is about vampires.

There’s excess in that, too. An excess of vampires. But there’s nothing I can do about that trend. I already donated our Twilight books.


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