Forward Thinking







69 Head's up, Donna



Urgency Day 429


500 Things Items 64-72: Assorted Detritus

Don’t go straight, go forward.

I love this saying. I love it as an admonition against moving without thought but proceeding with a sense of purpose. I love it as a resolutely supportive embrace of my gay family and friends. And I absolutely love it, because it was first uttered to me by my Paul, the most secure former cowboy-carpenter-Eagle Scout I’ve ever known.

I love you, dude.

I’ve been absent for 9 days. My poor blog has been neglected for 9 days. I’m not going to indulge myself in rationalizations and regret. Well, maybe a little regret, but no hand-wringing, door-slamming, pouty-faced accounts of computer turf wars and crushing sadness and my inevitable summer resentments.

I’m going to move forward. With purpose.

And so today I bring you 9 disparate items, culled from the mighty collection of our unused stuff. There isn’t a theme, or much of one other than it all feels burdensome at this point. And I think I’ll skip with my traditional investigation of each discard, because that would also be burdensome at this point.

What I will do is direct you to an interesting quiz I took in this month’s issue of Real Simple magazine (the quiz is on the second page of the article).

The quiz helps you identify if you are right-brained or left-brained which the writer posits will help you find a better organizational system, one based on your personality rather than one imposed by the Container Store.

Disclaimer: I love the Container Store!

Impose and contain away!

It asks about your habits and routines and what appeals to you visually. Of the 10 questions which were supposed to indicate right-braininess, I answered yes to only one. Apparently, I am going straight: straight and narrow and linear; controlled and rigid; deeply, deeply left-brained.

But at least I’m a lefty!

This certainly makes sense to me. I look at the right vs. left pictures accompanying the article.

  • Left-appeal show order and serenity, the sort of calm tidiness of a Bento lunch box: everything in its place, neat and pretty.
  • Right-appeal are a swirling mess of chaos and confusion, rushing, no careening toward entropy and lawlessness! Yes, Lawlessness.

What does the Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten call a culinary mish-mash? The dog’s breakfast? Yeah, like that.

Am I being judgmental? Oh, I suppose. I just don’t know how right-brained people find anything, and finding things is very important to me. Actually, never having to find things because you’ve never lost them is very important to me. It’s a time-management thing and really the core of my motivation in this 500 Things effort. Clear out the clutter so no time is wasted; nothing is obscured; nothing is hidden and festering, and moving forward is easier.

Forward. Not straight or left or right. Just forward.

Quick inventory:

  • #64 Sam’s World History AP Test study materials. Never cracked ’em. Aced the test.
  • #65 Two Martha Stewart decorating books. Keeping cookbooks, discarding craft-guilt.
  • #66 Four pleasant place mats. I now only use woven ones which don’t show spills.
  • #67 Thirteen assorted mis-matched cloth napkins. Lord only knows.
  • #68 Three sets of petit-fours and tartlet pans. Too precious, too time-draining.
  • #69 Three fabulous heirloom tablecloths, going to Donna who will enjoy them.
  • #70 Weird dry-wall kit. Ask Paul.
  • #71 Shower curtain. Bought two, neglected to return unused one. <sigh>
  • #72 Shower head left behind by house-flippers. Happy w/the ones they did install.

3 Responses to “Forward Thinking”

  1. kara Says:

    I took the quiz and got four for the right and two for the left. Doesn’t it count that I want everything nice and neat and in order?

    • sthibeault Says:

      Thanks, Kara, for sending this comment so I can clarify the link: the quiz is on the second page of the article. It’s a 20 question quiz. I did reference the 6 pictures on the first page, but that’s not the actual quiz. And I think, unlike yours truly, you Kara are the perfect mix of right-brain creative and left-brain logical.

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