Veiling My Baggage


truly not the problem

Urgency Day 421

500 Things Items 75-80: Purses

  • Only one notable acquisition, noted below
  • I got tons of use out of 4 of them
  • Great deflection (again, see below)
  • Sale or donate

What’s that I hear?

Is it a collective whoop of astonished glee that a woman collector of accessories could actually relinquish a few of them, tacitly admitting that she one perhaps has too many of them?

Or is it a collective gasp of horrified betrayal that a fellow tribe member would veer so close to such a tacit admission.

I don’t know, but I do know I’ve got baggage.

What I’m anxiously trying to do here is deflect attention away from my real accessory addiction, and it’s NOT shoes. You see, I have a few scarves. Actually, you won’t see at all until I have finished the 500 Things project, and all my lovely, beautiful, treasured scarves are safe from culling eyes.

Oh my, scarves.

Here are some indisputable advantages of scarves over shoes:

  • Less expensive
  • Easier to pack
  • Don’t need re-heeling, re-soling, re-pairing
  • Show when you are seated at a table
  • Never make you sore therefore grumpy
  • Never, ever reveal a change in weight

But I’m not doing shoes today. I’m doing bags. Purses, to some. The only one with any kind of a story is the striped one in front. I got it from a Battery Park street vendor on a trip to NYC with my boys, Kay and John, and the Ladies. We had a blast, and I felt very worldly bartering with the gents in the park.

Who am I fooling? I had rube written all over me. This little purse and a Kate Spade knock-off came home with me, as did a great memory.

And I’m keeping the ballet pink Kate Spade. It goes with a bunch of my scarves.


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