Let’s All Eat Cake!


Merci beaucoup!

Urgency Day 401

500 Things Item 100: Milestone Cake avec Lemon Glaze!

  • History: Only ingredients before yesterday
  • Value: Priceless acknowledgement of progress
  • Parting pain: It’s gluten-free, so no pain!
  • Un-possessing: Um, you know

Marie Antoinette said,

“Let them eat cake,” but she was just mean.  I say, “Let me bake you a cake!” And mean to thank you, gentle readers, from the bottom of mon coeur, my heart.

Vive la France! Happy Bastille Day


Happy 500 Things Project Milestone Day!

Yes, today I am celebrating coloring in the 20% wedge on the pie chart toward the goal of un-possessing 500 Things. The geeky pattern seeker side of me has been having a blast, crunching numbers, looking for significant trends and reveling in keeping on track.

Want to hear something kind of cool? I’m not just on track; I haven’t just downsized 100 things:

I’ve downsized 285 Things!

Here are a few highlights from the Project so far:

  • There have been 35 posts in the 500 Things Project category cataloging the un-possessing of almost 3 things a day for these 100 days
  • I’m averaging about 25 hits a day from readers but…
  • On the busiest day so far, June 2, I got 81 hits— thanks! (Paul promises to take me out for a dirty martini if I hit 100!)
  • The most viewed post has been It’s a Coincidental World, After All with Paul in his mountain-man glory
  • The second most viewed post, A Tale of Wild Boxes, generated the most comments, some on the blog, some on Facebook (I think it was the reference to flavored vodka that was popular- just a wild guess)
  • Largest category by far of items un-possessed:  Books– 146 of them!
  • Other notable cast-off categories: Electronics and household items
  • There’s been an even split between targeting items for donation or eventual sale

So, one fifth down by calendar-reckoning and a whole lot more downsizing to chronicle.

Of course, I am constantly aware that the other half of this experience of tallying up 500 Things to dis-possess is the Urgency meter simultaneously counting down toward the most significant downsizing Paul and I will ever do: the launching of The Self-Contained Unit.

Mon Dieu! I need more cake!

BONUS: Glazed Lemon Cake Recipe— don’t forget to garnish with a few lovely blueberries and sprinkle liberally with my gratitude.


4 Responses to “Let’s All Eat Cake!”

  1. boysgonewild Says:

    I don’t want to burst your down-sizing bubble, but chances are very good that 4 (or 5!)years after you launch your self-contained unit, he will return. Be sure to get a 2 bedroom place. 🙂

  2. Sydney Says:


  3. Donna Says:

    So today you are halving your cake and eating it too?


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