Pillow Blight


Urgency Day 345

500 Things Items 152-56: 5 Random Throw Pillows

  • History: Fluffed their way through Virginia and Illinois
  • Value: Delightful for naps; ignored–no doubt– by guests
  • Parting Pain: None– naps and guests will still be welcome
  • Un-possessing: Yard sale

In all the frantic discussion I’ve read about electronic readers being a sign that The Apocalypse is Upon Us, there’s one observation I don’t remember seeing anywhere:

It’s hard to imagine the future Inauguration Day when the new president will take her/his oath by placing a hand on a former president’s Kindle.

But I am certain somebody somewhere has already made that observation, because there really is nothing new. Ever. Try Googling the most random thing of which you can possibly think. Google will find 713,826 results (in 0.40 seconds) for you. Just in case you thought you had an original idea. Ever.

But Originality isn’t the goal anymore, just being top of the search-engine heap.


I look at my clutter and realize I haven’t prioritized originality much anyway. Somewhere around house #2, I drank the Pottery Barn/Crate and Barrel/Pier I ubiquitous decorating Kool-Aid. I have throw pillows and candles and tchotchkes enough to decorate several similarly unoriginal houses. It’s as though I’ve been preparing for HGTV to show up at any moment and film my staged house.

That’s a well-paying gig, right? Do they like gluten-free snacks?

Today’s discards will go in the long-rumored yard sale which has finally been scheduled: September 18th, rain date September 19th, just in case you’re in the area and also covet unoriginal throw pillows and more.

At least they will cushion the landing at the bottom of the search engine.


5 Responses to “Pillow Blight”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I wouldn’t mind an un-original, yet beautiful home. It would be a nice change from the highly unique, monster truck/ super hero decor I currently have. Or the underpants on the rug decor. Or the millions of toys scattered willy nilly decor. Oh, I could so go for some pottery barn sophistication….


  2. Donna Says:

    I so dearly hope this is the yard sale that disproves what you’ve always said about the profitability of yard sales. Wish I could be there — to include my stuff!!


    • sthibeault Says:

      If you leave right now, you and your stuff could be here in plenty of time for a multi-family yard sale! On second thought, it would just be our one family, and we’d end up taking the other’s stuff. Well, come anyway. And I used to think yard sales were profitable. A long long time ago. I’m ready for profitable again.

  3. Sydney Says:

    I think it’s my fault your yard sales stopped being profitable!! I was tempted by everything you had, and you were helpless when confronted with my longing gaze! Suzanne, your “second thought” is so right– I think your yard sale will rake in the big bucks with your family and friends safely tucked away in Virginia.

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