The Laundry Room


Where do they all come from?

Urgency Day 326

500 Things Items 166-75: Pile of Sam’s Tee Shirts

  • History: We only bought two– they bred! Plus he plays sports.
  • Value: Absorbed a lot of sweat and a few tears through many wearings
  • Parting Pain: Only of the growing variety
  • Un-possessing: Donations

I think I should have called my blog “The Laundry Room.”

When you’re telling stories and dishing up regrets, sometimes your dirty underwear shows. I try to be respectful, especially of the Self-Contained Unit’s privacy. And I can just hear him now: “Geez, Mom. Don’t mention me in the same sentence with the word underwear.”

I promise, sweetie: it’s just a metaphor.

Today a pile of Sam’s tee shirts go out the door. Twenty-two in all. Oh, the stories they could tell. Oh, the stories I wish I could tell. But those are Sam’s stories.

I do his laundry, but I won’t air it.

Instead, I will divert your attention to the actual laundry room, or the actual laundry nook. In a house with plenty of bedrooms and a disproportionately large master bath, we have what can only be described as a Woefully Inadequate Laundry Area. And no pantry.

How did a person who lives to cook and bake end up with no pantry? (I’m really not complaining, just observing.)

The first holiday season we lived here, we hosted an open house. One of our neighbors told me she would have bought our house when it was for sale, except for the woefully inadequate laundry area.

“I have four kids; I don’t have time for leisurely baths. I need an adequate laundry room.”

Fair point, Carolyn. She bought a house with a tricked-out laundry room, and her four children always look neat and pretty.

My one child? Well, mostly neat enough and, okay, quite pretty.

But I still rue my laundry nook.

Paul has agreed to give the woefully inadequate laundry area a smoke and mirrors make-over: a little paint, a counter over the washer and dryer, some shelving– the remodeling equivalent of a spot-treatment. I’ll take it.

My handy guy and I respectfully disagree over how much this simple improvement will benefit the resale of the house.

  • Me: 100% positive it will make a huge difference.
  • Paul: 100% unconvinced.

And isn’t that revealing.

Sure, it may be a gender-thing– although the Eagle Scout has been doing his laundry since his mother introduced him to the washer/dryer when he was 14 and washed her hands of the chore. (He was the last of her four children, and she was weary.) So, the man knows his way around a washer and dryer; it’s just that the amenities of the laundry are not important to him. But he’s willing to lose a couple of weekends to lifting and painting and spitting and polishing, because it matters to me.

And doesn’t that just make me sparkle?

Woeful and inadequate: Before

[I’ll post the After pictures when available.]


3 Responses to “The Laundry Room”

  1. Donna Says:

    Oooo! Gotta vote with the distaff side on this issue. I think the small improvements your wife has envisioned could make a big difference to potential buyers. And in the meantime, they will make a big difference to her! Yep, yep, yep — go for it.


    PS I used to think the world would eventually be buried under the weight of all the National Geographics people didn’t discard, but now I think that we’ll all disappear under T-shirts. There are very few events, occasions, or celebrations that don’t include a tee these days. And, of course, in lieu of donations they also make very fine dust rags.

    • sthibeault Says:

      Great word choice, distaff! The female side but also the working class. Tip o’ the hat on that one, dear soeur! Maybe we need a tee shirt to commemorate?

  2. Donna Says:


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