Play It Forward



You'd want them on your team, not in your car.


Urgency Day 311

500 Things Items 187-190: Four pairs of soccer boots

  • History: 3 pairs are falling apart, they were so well used
  • Value: Fitness, sportsmanship, camaraderie
  • Parting Pain: They smell! I mean really reek
  • Un-possessing: Despite the smell: Donations (and they’re wanted!)

Play it forward. Yes, play.

Sam is not playing organized soccer this year, his senior year. Sam got an after-school job to pay for music lessons and other things he wants. Part of his job description happens to include kicking a soccer ball around a park with 2 young boys before going back to their home, and tutoring and supervising their homework and providing music instruction.

Everyday, he is literally playing it forward.

Housekeeping note: Today, I want to point out a new Page on the process not product sidebar:

Every-Things, Explained.

Recently, I’ve had some new visitors to the blog—Welcome!– and they wondered what the Urgency counter is and why I am un-possessing 500 Things. The new Page is a quick reference guide to the origins of the blog and the reasons for the 500 Things Project.

Thank you so much for your interest, old friends and new.


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