A cautionary box.


Urgency Day 308

500 Things Item 192: The Prodigal Hummel

  • History: Read on!
  • Value: Cautionary tale
  • Parting Pain: Incredulity that I ever will part with it
  • Un-possessing: For now, I’m not. Later? I might put it on my father’s grave.

The soundtrack of my life is pretty upbeat.

Songs on heavy rotation include:

  • Linus and Lucy (especially in the fall, as recently posted)
  • Cheek to Cheek (I’m a sucker for Fred and Ginger)
  • This Too Shall Pass (by OK Go; the video makes me weep with joy)
  • Sam’s Everybody

Music sets the moods, reflects the mood and can change the mood. If you program your playlist well, you can hum right through even a challenging day.

Then what does it mean when my internal iPod cues up the following:

  • Darth Vader’s theme
  • The shark’s theme from Jaws
  • The shower “music” from Psycho

It means I’ve noticed… The Box.

The Box isn’t supposed to be in my house. The Box isn’t supposed to be on a shelf in my basement. The contents of The Box are supposed to be happily displayed on a shelf somewhere, anywhere but in my house.

Last April 8th, I was on only the 3rd Thing of my 500 Things Project, but the selection was a big one for me. Not large, but symbolic. It was a family curio which always left me curious about some of my family’s tastes. No matter; to each her/his own. With my mom and sister’s blessing, I confidently put the 3rd Thing, the last Hummel we possessed, up for auction on eBay. Within a week– oh yeah!– it was out of my possession.

Within two, it was back.

Many people report that eBay is a fantastic place to sell stuff. I feel that eBay is a fantastic place to buy stuff.

It wasn’t that the dissatisfied buyer didn’t have a legitimate point: The lamb’s ear was broken. It wasn’t that I ever thought to deny his reimbursement: I immediately reimbursed every penny, including shipping both ways. It was the tone of the buyer. It was the admissions from the eBay staff that the system is rigged designed to favor buyers, no matter how indefensibly they act.

Caveat venditor: That’s a new one to me.

Sometimes the universe hums along with your soundtrack; sometimes it shuffles the playlist. For the time being, I will keep the Box sealed and in my basement as a warning against hubris. And eBay.

But Craig and his List still make me sing!


3 Responses to “ReBay”

  1. Sydney Says:

    Ack!! Are you saying that your wayside devotion was both smeared AND broken? What does it all mean?? I don’t like the implications, OR the foreboding movie tunes…

    I think the Hummel needs to come out of the brown cardboard and be front & center in an amazing, hilarious, shadow-box art piece that only a wry niece could devise.

  2. Sydney Says:

    The sooner, the better.

  3. sthibeault Says:

    It means I am devotionally decrepit. My wry nieces will love knowing they’ve been given this plum assignment by you! I think step #1 in the project will involve a hammer…

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