Voting Eyes


woulda coulda shoulda

Urgency Day 290

500 Things Items 201-02: Small Binoculars

  • History: Attempts at frugal bird-watching
  • Value: I wish we had bought one decent pair instead
  • Parting Pain: Not really
  • Un-possessing: Donation

Don’t get me wrong. If they could look into the future, I’d keep ‘em.

I mean they are adorable little binocs and all. But for bird watching and/or future seeing, they just don’t cut it. Then again, maybe it’s my vision and not the lens-power that’s inadequate. I did experience another reminder of my increasing frailty today. That’s always fun.

At my polling place, I was informed that my signature did not match my voter registration card. I explained that I have arthritis and as a result, my signature has indeed changed but that I had a photo id to prove I’m me. The election official asked me to try signing the form again which I did. Here’s what we all learned:         I would make a terrible forger. I can’t even copy my own signature!

I hope you were all heartily welcomed at your places of voting.

I have only campaigned once for elected office, for SCA secretary in the 6th grade. My slogan was,

“Be Choosy: Vote Suzy.”

This is a happy memory:

  • I won the election!

This is a sad memory:

  • I was once known as “Suzy.”

Last thought/request, and this actually matters:

The Harriet Beecher Stowe Center needs your vote! The Center uses Stowe’s life and story to inspire social justice and positive change. If this matters to you, please vote to help the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center win a Save Our Sites grant from Tourism Cares. Follow this link to Save Our Sites. It’s important, and on a day when we’re all hoping Our Team wins, it’s fun, because

You can vote as many times as you like!





3 Responses to “Voting Eyes”

  1. Sydney Says:

    Wow, those are some hawk eyes at your polling place.

    I had a weird experience voting today, too. I accidentally took my ballot and plunked myself down at the cubicle for the deaf and visually impaired. A helper excitedly ran over to assist me, and when I got all befuddled and tried to move, he told me no, no, don’t go, I should try the new machine and experience for myself how it works. I didn’t want to, but what can I say? He was excited. He instructed me to allow my ballot to be sucked into the machine, and then put headphones over my ears that BLASTED instructions to me. It didn’t allow me to vote quickly, and about ten minutes later it spit out my sheet with my selections carefully filled in by electronic pencil. Then I took my ballot over to another machine to be sucked up and counted.

    I got a special sticker. It advertised to the world that I used the voting machine for the deaf and visually impaired. I’m a clever girl.

  2. sthibeault Says:

    Leave it to us to be arthritic, deaf and hearing impaired– and still rock the vote!

  3. melanie Says:

    Great post. I would vote for you any day! Because I’m choosy! So I would vote Suzy!

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