The Fling


some bling to fling

Urgency Day 269

500 Things Items 223-27: 5 Necklaces

  • History: Assorted attempts as fashion
  • Value: I prefer scarves
  • Parting Pain: Actually, happiness, because…
  • Un-possessing: I gave them to my Laura!

Alaska is hot!

I don’t mean climate-change hot, or sexy hot; I mean Alaska is popular.

Whether you follow the fortunes of the Last Frontier because of recent political shenanigans, or for other less divisive more delicious reasons—think Baked Alaska!— the 50th state seems to be on our collective radar.

Years ago, there was a TV show set in Alaska called Northern Exposure. My family adores this show. It had an offbeat sensibility, a great soundtrack and Peabody Award- winning writing. A typical episode might riff on Hegelian dialectics, the fallacy of free will, truck driving daddies and Russian Vodka set to Etta James’ At Last and Ojibwa native chants.

So really, just your average programming, say Real Housewives of Anchorage.

One plot line resonates particularly meaningfully with me right now. The town radio disk jockey/resident philosopher wants to create a performance art piece for the community by flinging a cow through the air using a catapult (well, trebuchet, but you know). When he’s told that the Monty Python guys beat him to it in The Holy Grail, Chris petulantly abandons his artistic vision.

But he comes to have an epiphany about The Shared Moment transcending the details of performance. Ultimately, he catapults a fire-damaged upright piano through the remote Alaskan sky, recognizing that:

“It’s not the thing you fling; it’s The Fling itself.”

I know I get caught up in details and precision; in wanting to control the minutia believing that attention will assure the outcome. Over the next few days, the days leading up to Thanksgiving, I, like many holiday hosts, will be managing scourings and arrivals; shopping lists and seating charts; expectations and events. It won’t be, it can’t be perfect: The dog will chase the cat; the turkey will roast too slowly; the bourbon will disappear too quickly; the brother will lose a band-aid in the stuffing. True fact.

And I’m going to smile and remember: “It’s not the thing you fling…”

I wish everyone, everywhere a fabulous fling.

And an extra piece of Baked Alaska.


One Response to “The Fling”

  1. melanie Says:

    I loved Northern Exposure. I have 2 CDs of the music played on their show, neither one of which will ever be flung. Happy Thanksgiving.

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