Back Into the Woods


woodsy wire

Urgency Day 252

500 Things Items 246-47: Two Spools of Antediluvian Speaker Wire

  • History: From our wired days
  • Value: More than $60
  • Parting Pain: None
  • Un-possessing: Recycle

Why do so many of my stories end up in the woods?

It’s not like I’m Pocahontas or anything. Although I am part Powhatan Indian. It’s true.

Two houses ago, my niece Erin and her friend Lauren came over to help us set up our stereo. Our very pre-iPods stereo. We wanted to run speakers to various rooms from the main components in the family room, a wish which required:

  • dropped ceilings below— no problem;
  • and a great deal of speaker wire…

Remember using speaker wire? You had to carefully strip off a bit of the plastic, uncovering the numerous fine wires while trying not to cut any of the wires, so you could make a connection with the exposed wires through these teeny tiny pincher-thingies. Ridiculous system, but we did what we had to do to have the tunes.

So Erin and Lauren volunteered to assist.

Note: Children always enjoy making their older relatives look lame, and older relatives don’t mind adolescent eye-rolling, if, in the end, they get some work done for free.

It quickly became clear from the eye-rolling that we were woefully short on room-to-room speaker wire, so I handed the girls cash to buy some at a nearby Radio Shack. Erin eyed the wad of cash questioningly.

“There’s $60 here, Suz.”

“Yeah, I hope that’s enough.”

“Enough?! How much does speaker wire cost?!”

“A lot. Actually, here’s another $20 just to be safe”

Eyes widening with incredulity and stammering to find just the right words to express it, Erin screamed,

“That’s ridiculous! I’ll go out into the woods RIGHT NOW and MAKE  you some speaker wire!”

Since then, whenever anything seems materially overpriced, we say, “Well, Erin can just go out into the woods and make some.”

Cue more eye-rolling.


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  1. melanie Says:

    Great post.

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