Banishing the Burned-Outs


Zombie wreath: it just keeps coming back!

Urgency Day 244

500 Things Item 254: Ghost of Christmas Past

  • History: Bedecked some door some year
  • Value: Cheap to begin with, cheaper now
  • Parting Pain: Zip
  • Un-possessing: Stripped for parts and trashed

The Reckoning has finally arrived.

I said it on October 28 and way back in March: The Reckoning—i.e., the downsizing of my ridiculously over-sized collection of holiday decorations– was coming. Well, it’s here. And I know why I’ve been putting it off.

This tatty old wreath represents fatigue. Certainly the wreath looks tired, but not as tired as I feel every January 1st when the holiday decorations need to come down. By then, the tree has dropped enough needles to thoroughly mulch my garden; the ribbons, so enticing mere weeks ago, now bore even the cat; and a few more strands of twinkly lights no longer twinkle.

The shine is off the show.

On January 1st, as I dutifully return the baubles to their boxes and bins, it would be characteristically efficient to weed out the worn out bits before storing it all away. But have I? Or, year after year, being so exhausted and ready to banish the wretched excess of it all, have I returned even broken glass ornaments to their boxes?

I wouldn’t need a “Reckoning” if I had achieved efficient scenario one.

So, this year, I have committed to downsizing at both ends of the holidays: A Pre-Reckoning and a Post-Reckoning. Sort of like  pre-game and post-game shows for my big holiday bowl game:

  • Pre-holiday warm up: This wreath plus several embarrassing bags of tinselly trash were eliminated as they emerged from the bins;
  • Post-holiday analysis: I vow to reduce and recycle anything that is blinking, broken, and beyond repair instead of slinking it back into storage.

And no excuses this time! Please, hold me accountable!

When finishing a job and confronted with the last few annoying tasks, I usually embrace the motto, “It will never be easier than it is right now.” And feeling my usual early holiday energy, it was pretty darn easy to downsize the tatty bits!

I’ll let you know how perky I feel come January 1st.

Ho ho ho.


4 Responses to “Banishing the Burned-Outs”

  1. james yarbrough Says:

    Oh, it’s tough putting the trinkets away – hang in there, you’ll be putting them up again sooner than you think ! I’ll buy the coffee!

  2. sthibeault Says:

    You are on! Even Sam has recognized that the holidays roll around much faster on the adult calendar than on the kid calendar. Happy happy.

  3. melanie Says:

    Sam is pretty brite!
    I love the idea of pre- and post-reckoning. YOU SHALL PREVAIL! As the last line of the song White Christmas says, “… and may all your Christmases be clutter free.” Okay. So that didn’t make it to the FINAL draft. But it was there. Trust me.

  4. sthibeault Says:

    It should have made the final draft. Think of the money Mr. Berlin could have saved us all.

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