Another Ghost


Urgency Day  242

500 Things Item 255: Tired Sheets 

very charlie brown


  • History: Seven-years of comfort
  • Value: Appreciated everyday– except vacations
  • Parting Pain: Repurposing eases any
  • Un-possessing: Donation— yes, that’s right

It’s not her fault. 

"I don't even have claws, but I'll get blamed."


That cute face poking through the tatters? Can’t blame her.  At least not this time.

I’m embarrassed to say, the hole in the sheet is from my side of the bed; from the vicinity of my feet, to be honest; under my right foot, to be painfully precise.

Yes. It’s my fault.

Quick change of subject: One of the nice things about my 500 Things project is incorporating things into it that weren’t even on my downsizing radar at the start of the effort. Take this worn-out sheet, for example. Even if I had noticed a growing rip– and weirdly, I didn’t– I wouldn’t have replaced it any sooner. I simply would have mentally reconciled it to the Project. Sometime, in the next 242 days, but whenever, it would happen. No hurry.

You see, I run a very minimalist linen closet:  One set for each bed. When the sheets need cleaning, they come off the bed, go directly into the washing machine, the dryer and right back onto the bed. Bonus: the mattress gets to air out during the process.

Maybe it was the frequent washings that led to the disintegration (I’d sure rather believe that than think I have nasty crone feet!) And maybe the idea of wearing out sheets bothers some people. But stuff does wear out. Actually, if well used, it’s supposed to. And then you have a wonderful opportunity:


I will be donating this sheet along with some other old linens to our veterinarian’s office. I’ve done this before, and they are so grateful for these donations. Vets and shelters go through a lot of linens with ailing and recovering animals. I’d like to encourage everyone to consider donating their worn-out sheets and towels.

Of course, this particular donated item must be replaced. So, Paul and I treated ourselves to an early Christmas present: new sheets! I’m just wondering: Do you wash new sheets before putting them on the bed the first time? I do. Always have. I’m sure I got this habit from my mom. And now Paul and I have the treat of putting fresh new sheets on the bed.

Stand back: We rock as competitive sheet changers!

I wish my linen minimalism extended all the way to line-drying. I have such fond memories of hanging laundry on the clothes lines at my grandmother’s house. But that was summer at the beach. I live in Chicagoland, and right now it’s 22 degrees out. Someday, when the apocalypse is upon us and the electrical grid fails, I will line-dry.

For now, it’s spin-spin-spin.

And frequently.



5 Responses to “Another Ghost”

  1. melanie Says:

    Freshly washed sheets are great, but NEW freshly washed sheets are terrific!

  2. Jimmy Says:

    My apologies to the cosmos, but I think we still have one or two beach towels from people who hung them out on Grandmom’s clothes line (to those who don’t know, our grandmother rented out summer apartments in Ocean City, MD until 1970) and then went home without retrieving their “laundry.” Hard to believe, but I think it’s true.

    On a related note, I go nuts with communities which try to ban clothes lines. Air drying is, I’m almost positive, listed in the first amendment to the Constitution — or it should be. I don’t personally own a clothes line, but I own 15 feet of deck railing and several pieces of patio furniture. They are terrific dryer supplements — at least for half the year. I really miss them when the weather turns wintry.

    Also, thank you soooo much for spreading the word about the vet option for old linens.

    • sthibeault Says:

      You were the one, darling sister, who taught me about donating the old linens to the vet! I’ve passed that great idea around many times, and now to a broader audience. Thanks!

      Your karma is safe, by the way. And when the grandmom-towels finally give up the ghost, you know what to do with them!

  3. moirae Says:

    I love that the old sheet is going to the Vet’s office. Now I finally know what to do with my sheets with that problem. And yeah, I blame the cats.

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