Un-BEAR-able Cheeses


good enough for Sunday

Urgency Day 211

500 Things Item 282-83: Serving platters

  • History: From the fancy-party days
  • Value: Good for serving at fancy parties
  • Parting Pain: I always hated the polishing– so none!
  • Un-possessing: Gifts (I’ll clean them up first) or donations

At the local grocery store today, the gourmet cheeses were divided into two sections: one for Packers Fans and one for Bears Fans.

I was appalled.

Let me make something very clear here: I have a horse in this race. I married, for better and for worse, a Bears fan. But I am that sorriest of football fans, the football equivalent of a Cubs fan: I am a Redskins fan.

Hey! I heard that!

Back when Paul and I met, we had to instigate a “NO TAUNTING AND BAITING” rule to keep peace on the Sunday couch. That was back in the 80’s. The 1980’s for you youngersters . Both our teams were good. Old-school, real-grass, Hogs vs. Fridge good. So for the good of our relationship, we would sit politely on our respective ends of the couch and observe, politely mind you, when our teams did well.

My mother, a diehard Redskins fan and an actual Powhatan Indian wouldn’t hear of such political correctness. When the Redskins would score a touchdown against her son-in-law’s Bears, she did a war dance.  With a whoop. And a tremolo.

But back to the separated cheeses.

When your city’s team is in the play-offs, you support them. There is no tacit acknowledgement of regional differences and regional loyalties. THIS IS FOOTBALL:  Take no prisoners, leave ‘em bloodied, man-up people, FOOTBALL!

Unless a marriage is at stake.

I will enjoy slicing a fine Wis-con-sin cheddar this Sunday, for myself and my most beloved Bears fan.



3 Responses to “Un-BEAR-able Cheeses”

  1. That Joyce sure does a mean war dance. I think more than any other decision, our invoking the “No Taunting and Baiting” rule helped our marriage. That and Dan Snyder buying the Redskins. Bear down, Bears.

  2. melanie Says:

    I don’t know much about football except for… GO BEARS!

  3. Donna Says:

    Go Bears, for sure!! (By the way, the issue of the Redskins’ un-PC name is coming up frequently in the papers here again. One of these times the complaints will yield results. I hope it’s while DS still owns the team. Then he can get the “credit” he so richly deserves for what he’s done to our legacy in all ways.)

    Is Wis-con-sin meant to differentiate your pronunciation from Wi-scon-sin (which is how I’m told the natives pronounce it)?

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