Pressing Concerns


pressed out of service

Urgency Day 192

500 Things Item #305: French Press

  • History: To see me thru Paul’s absences
  • Value: Reinforced my lack of javablilty
  • Parting Pain: Zilch
  • Un-possessing: Gift for the first requester

How many cups have you had today?

I’m on my second cup of cafe de Paul. I’ve said it before, there are several things I simply cannot do. Coffee is my most co-dependent addiction.

Every evening, My Beloved prepares the automatic coffee maker: Hand-washing the parts, filtering the water, adding the whole beans. The entirety of my involvement?  Pushing the button at 6:04 a.m. Occasionally, I endure a withering hairy-eyeball, because I neglected to buy the beans, but it’s totally worth it. Fresh coffee, every morning, at the push of a button.

This is our ritual. And for the almost 15 months of Paul’s un- and under-employment, there was a comforting reliability to this ritual. A bit of continuity from our other life. Got coffee? Okay, on with the show.

When Paul was a traveling man, I usually resigned myself to tea. I do love tea, and I love that the Self-Contained Unit loves tea. (He has recently been completely won over by Kara’s fantastic Chai tea.) But on the days I just couldn’t manage without a cup o’ joe, I had a French press.

It is a wonder of efficiency. And that’s about it.

But maybe it’s me, again.

Not long after we moved to Naperville, I stumbled on a vastly, scathingly more satisfying way to score my coffee when Paul traveled. At the end of our street, the dry cleaner we use gives away FREE FULL-SIZED CUPS OF STARBUCKS COFFEE when you drop off and pick up your cleaning!

So, let’s say Paul would be traveling for 3 coffees– I mean 3 days.  Day one, I would drop off one shirt, get a free cup of coffee. Day two, pick up the shirt, get a free cup of coffee. Day three, latte rinse repeat.

Bye bye, French press.

One coffee-related point Paul and I both very much miss, our favorite independent coffeehouse in our old stomping grounds of Fredericksburg, Virginia:  Hyperion. It has everything you want and expect in a great locally-owned coffeehouse, and it has dear friends running it and running in and out of it.

There was a piece by western-suburbs blogger Tara Burghart in the Triblocal today that caught my attention:  “5 Great Locally-Owned Coffeehouses.” Her reviews have me plotting some fun weekend outings. The closest of the five is about 20 minutes away, so none of these is likely to become our new Hyperion. But one, Arcedium Coffee House in St. Charles, is right off of our favorite half-century cycling route.

Oh man, I am suddenly looking forward to mile 29!


5 Responses to “Pressing Concerns”

  1. Sydney Says:

    Kara’s fabulous chai (and beautiful to behold) tea is about the only hot drink that would make a coffee-less morning bearable.

  2. sthibeault Says:

    Add your ginger scones, and life is perfect.

  3. Barbara Says:

    Have you tried Adagio Tea in downtown Naperville? They have over 200 varieties of tea!

  4. sthibeault Says:

    Barb, I love Adagio Tea. It’s calming just to walk in the door.

  5. melanie Says:

    Another great post to make me smile and laugh. “Latte, rinse, repeat.” Perfect.

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