It’s February 9th!


purged while listening to "Lion in Winter"

Urgency Day 191

500 Things Items #306-09: Four Soundtracks

  • History: Liked the movies, bought the soundtracks
  • Value: Less than any John Barry soundtrack—he died last week
  • Parting Pain: I’m sadder about Sir John’s passing
  • Un-possessing: Donations or gifts

This morning, I told the Self-Contained Unit that I was going to be Very Enthusiastic all day.

<blank stare> “Why?”

“It’s February 9th!”

<……….> “Okay.”

That really was my complete argument for a day of vigorous enthusiasm:

It’s February 9th.

I don’t have any loved ones with a birthday today, it’s about 6 degrees outside, and my skin/hair/belly are at their mid-winter nadirs. Flaky/drab/ flabby. I’m unlikely to be jetting off to Aruba, so my flaky-flabdrabbiness is not on display, but it bugs me. So I decided to control what I could– my outlook and my stuff.

Oh yeah, I am organizing today, February 9th. Enthusiastically!

I organized:

  • Tax documents (given the last year, encouraging);
  • Financial-aid papers (given the next four years, overwhelming);
  • Recently-used recipes (annually predictable: anything with Meyer lemons).

I purged:

  • Several bottles of questionable vitamins (When did I think I had a Niacin deficiency?);
  • Reams of college-applications materials (Stay tuned: Final decisions still to come);
  • Two library books (returned not pitched!) that after renewing the allowed five times, I finally admitted I would never finish.

That’s a good morning’s work!

I don’t subscribe to horoscopes, old-system or newfangled. I’m aware that I’m a Vata, and while that describes me insanely accurately, I just can’t give up pears and brussel sprouts to appease my imbalanced dosha. Honestly, I’m just not that rigorously dogmatic about much of anything. Much…

<far-off stare> Gluten. I avoid gluten religiously. High fructose corn syrup? The actual devil. And I like things tidy.

I am Very Enthusiastic about tidiness, everyday.

Happy February 9th!


5 Responses to “It’s February 9th!”

  1. kara Says:

    Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm! I needed some!

  2. Donna Says:

    I’m so curious about the fourth “purged” soundtrack, the one we can’t read. What is it?

    • sthibeault Says:

      Okay. I was playing with angles and editing. It’s “Pretty Woman.” Great Roy Orbison song, dated soundtrack. I bet you were sad about John Barry, too. I was surprised by how much emphasis was placed on his James Bond work.

  3. melanie Says:

    I, myself, have been feeling… shall we say, flaky-flabbdrabby. I just couldn’t come up with the word until you coined it! Great idea to be enthusiastic about February 9. Who wouldn’t be? Thanks for the uplifting post.

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