Breaking Up


purple phase

Urgency Day 186

500 Things Items #311-12: Purple Glasses

  • History: From the purple glass collection
  • Value: Especially fun quaff-containers
  • Parting Pain: Under the circumstances, huge relief
  • Un-possessing: Gift

On Valentine’s Day, no one wants to talk about breaking up.

Fortunately, this break up is about a set of glasses, not a pair of lovers.

Recently, I broke a glass. We were having a lovely evening with some very lovely friends at their lovely home. Yes, wine had been served and consumed, but don’t blame the wine. I am just clumsy. I broke a glass. A lovely purple wineglass. I felt terrible.

But as I watched in slow motion the glass overbalancing and I listened to the horrible crack of delicate crystal shattering against unforgiving granite counter, in that unnerving moment, I harbored a secret.

But first, a Fun Fact!

Just yesterday in the Sunday Chicago Tribune, I learned that there is such a thing as a Color of the Year. Not the usual “pink is the new black,” but a very very specific color of the year. The Benjamin Moore Paint Company pronounced its “chocolaty purple” paint color Vintage Wine the Color of the Year.

It is a beautiful color; not at all a cloying lavender or dated mauve or garish-sports-team screaming-in-your-face PURPLE. You should check it out. It would be gorgeous on an accent wall, a throw pillow, or in glass.

But back to my secret.

When I broke my friend’s  glass, I knew exactly where to get an astonishingly similar one: In a cabinet in my kitchen. Coincidentally, I own virtually identical glasses as my friend’s. In my acquisitive past, I nurtured a special passion for purple glasses. So if my clumsiness happens to take down a purple glass, at least there is a strong possibility that I own its replacement. Crazy, but true.

But which is crazier? My affection for purple glasses or the coincidence that I would, in fact, break a purple glass that I could so readily replace? Maybe there is a deeper meaning to this occasion of my clumsiness. Maybe in my clumsiness, there was a harmonic convergence: I could replace the broken glass and so downsize a little; repair my damaged reputation; and discover my affection for purple validated. At least for this color year.

How often are our passions validated?

Even on Valentine’s Day.


One Response to “Breaking Up”

  1. melanie Says:

    That’s a happy ending.You accomplished 3 tasks by breaking a friend’s glass! Good work!

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