Fashion-less Week


no more loitering

Urgency Day 171

500 Things Items 324-25: Red sweater, red cami

  • History: Intended for warmth and coolth
  • Value: Experienced mostly discomfort
  • Parting pain: Zip
  • Un-possessing: Donations

ROY G BIV (Hold that thought.)

I have some catching up to do, 500 Things Project-wise. I also have some re-energizing to do, endless days of winter-wise. Here’s how I intend to get both my count and my groove back in order: Purge crap from my closet.

Okay, now: ROY G BIV

Did you learn your rainbow colors like that?

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet

When I started tossing clothes out of my closet to get rid of, I noticed the pile was a rainbow of colors which suggested to me a way to organize my organizing. I will be tackling my closet this week, mnemonically.

Welcome to my Fashion-less Week: Less fashion for more function in my closet. And I’ll be starting with the R in ROY G BIV.

Disclaimer: Calling my clothing “fashion” is wildly pretentious. I have clothes, pure and simple. I don’t like fashion. I do like clothes.

One February a few years ago, I happened to be in New York City during Fashion Week. I was traveling with two of the most beautiful women on the planet, sisters who could don a grocery bag (reusable, please) and it would be called fashionable. When Ellen mentioned that it was Fashion Week in NYC, I instantly flinched, fearing that our whirlwind girls’ weekend would be ruined by noisome packs of haughty waifs.

The extent of our interaction with The Fashionable? Walking past the exteriors of several very large, very shabby tents. Yes, I suppose the cream-colored tents were shabby chic, but this being New York City, the people just scurried about in various shades of black, talking fast and walking faster.

Baby, I already do that, in high-heeled boots. Scuffed, of course.

The red sweater I am un-possessing today came from a Goodwill shop. I know what you are thinking: Lots of uber-fashionable city folk shop at thrift stores and the like. On the advice of our local guide, we even hit the Central Manhattan Salvation Army store on our girls’ weekend. It was the most amazing thrift store I have ever seen. No, it was the most amazing store I have ever seen.

People seem to shop a lot in Manhattan, and their closets are tiny. We left with bags BAGS! of discarded, still-tagged treasures.

But today’s red turtleneck sweater, while providing the warmth I crave, turned out to have way too much turtle in its neck. And I am no swan. The red camisole? It just hangs on me. Out.

This afternoon, I am heading back to Goodwill. I will drop off a donation but even more exciting for me, I am going to hear Dave Bruno speak. I mentioned Dave and his “100 Things Challenge” in March of last year. I’m even hoping to be one of the 250 people to get a FREE signed copy of his book!

And I will be studiously averting my eyes from ANY-colored turtlenecks.

emphasizing what I ain't got


2 Responses to “Fashion-less Week”

  1. melanie Says:

    Tackling the closet mnemonically! That’s creative!

    I’m going to the Dave Bruno talk also.The postcard invitation was knee deep in my “to do” pile (not yet a “ta-daaa” pile) and you reminded me. Thank you! I’m going to the Bolingbrook location at 7 p.m. By then the laundry will be finished and I’ll have something to wear!

  2. sthibeault Says:

    Glad I reminded you, but darnit, I’m going earlier to the Naperville location! Let’s compare notes.

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