Orange Crop


orange futures not looking good

Urgency Day 170

500 Things Items 326-27: Orange Sweater/shirts

  • History: Purchased with intent
  • Value: Cheap and cheaper
  • Parting Pain: For the sweater, some regret
  • Un-possessing: Donations

Continuing my color-full fashion-less week with the O in ROY G BIV, you know I have to ask:

“Orange you wondering what’s next?”

[My sweetie loves puns; I love word play. Yes indeed, it’s a very good thing we have each other.]

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I went to the Naperville Goodwill Store to hear Dave Bruno speak. Yes, well, that was my intention: to hear him speak. Unfortunately for me—but well done, Dave—there were so many people who wanted autographed copies of his book, The 100 Thing Challenge, he signed books longer than advertised and didn’t start speaking until after I had to leave.

But I got my FREE copy!

FREE is great. But, as the Self-Contained Unit pointed out, it still brings another Thing into our house. This imbalance must be rectified…

I bought the cropped sweatshirt shown today four and a half years ago, right before I had major surgery. I figured I would be spending a lot of post-op time in bed, and a cheerful orange hoodie that wouldn’t get bunched up underneath me was just the prescription– okay, part of the Rx– for a comfortable recovery. And it was, but ever since, I have preferred my clothing to cover more rather than less of me. Especially back there.

Why then have I saved the orange hoodie these several years?

That’s the kind of question I frequently ask myself these days.

  • Is it useful?
  • Is it worth the space it occupies?
  • Is it a treasure?

No, no and nope. Consequently: Fare well, orange sweatshirt.

The cropped orange sweater also came from the red sweater/Dave Bruno Goodwill Store. If it just didn’t have the wide banding, it would be perfect. Not too turtle-necky, not too bulky. But every time I put it on, I spend way too much time tug-ging! on it. Wasting time and space distorts my space/time continuum.

And that’s for black holes, not orange sweaters.


2 Responses to “Orange Crop”

  1. melanie Says:

    I love puns; I actually laughed out loud at the “Orange you wondering…” sentence. The hokier (or shall we say “more accessible”) the better. Love the new definition for “space/time continuum.”

    I saw Dave Bruno too – am already half-way through his book.

  2. sthibeault Says:

    I say “hokier!” And you read fast. Let’s book-club it.

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