Come March With Me


what madness is this?

Urgency Day 157

500 Things Items 329-343: 14 Books

  • History: Oldest acquisition (1970’s) Hamilton’s Mythology; Newest (2008) The Fountainhead
  • Value: Lesson learned- Sam will never read Ayn Rand
  • Parting Pain: I truly enjoyed placing Rand on the left
  • Un-possessing: Donations


The original quirky book read by our Quirky Book Club, the ad hoc group my sister and I formed years ago, was Calendar by David Ewing Duncan. Among many fascinating subjects, Duncan describes the incredibly cumbersome Roman calendar which is the basis for Shakespeare’s oft-quoted but generally misunderstood warning:

Beware the Ides of March.

Now, I’m usually one to say, if it’s a reference from Mr. Shakespeare, that’s good enough for me. End of discussion.  In this case, however, I must point out that, since I am not Julius Caesar, I am free to enjoy March 15th. In fact, I love every single one of March’s 31 fascinating, meteorologically-perplexing days! Here are just a few of my highly subjective reasons for happily Marching:

  • My wedding anniversary;
  • My darling’s birthday;
  • My own silly birthday (thanks, mom, for the heavy lifting);
  • The beginning of cycling season (usually);
  • Spring Break whoo hoo! (often);
  • March Madness.

Oops, no wait: Make that


I am a complete and total sucker for college hoops. In March. Save all those pre-Dance games for sorting out bids; I couldn’t care less. But come March, oh yeah, I can tell you the difference between Big Blue and a Blue Devil; a Patriot and a Commodore; a Hoya and a Husky. Scoffing right now? Is it because my references were too easy (high five!) or too obscure?

Well, that can be remedied.

In an attempt to offset my greatly expanded television viewing during the weeks of Madly Marching—and frankly, to get caught up on my 500 Things Project— I am donating 14 books to my wonderful public library. At that time, I will check out 6 books. These will correspond to each of the six rounds of the tournament.  I will have them read by April 4th, the night of the NCAA Men’s Final. Oh yes I will.

Game On.

Today, on the Ides, I will give you one “warning:” My bracket, my annual attempt to presciently select the outcomes of more than 60 games; to balance the gimmes and the upsets, the fervent wishes of my heart and cold demands of statistics; to conjure the holy grail, The Perfect Bracket, and go on to greater glory with absolutely NO MONETARY REMUNERATION, Mr. Taxman: my beloved bracket? Well, it sucks. Always.

But hey!

My trash talk flows in couplets that rhyme.

This is why March is my perfect time.



4 Responses to “Come March With Me”

  1. james yarbrough Says:

    I’ll talk to Sam about ‘The Fountainhead’….there’s still time!

  2. sthibeault Says:

    I will certainly defer to you, Jim. Be prepared for some fierce push-back!

  3. melanie Says:

    Sounds like all good things happen in March, both personal(little things like birthdays and anniversaries) and HIGHLY personal (like finding the perfect bracket which is harder than finding the perfect man). A toast to all things March. And may the best bracket win.

  4. sthibeault Says:

    Best bracket, schmest bracket– I wanna win!!
    Okay, I feel better now.

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