What Color is Your Jig?


color me purple

Urgency Day 155

500 Things Items 344-45: BIV Clothes, hold the B

  • History: Attempts at purple velour
  • Value: Purple velour should not be attempted
  • Parting Pain: None
  • Un-possessing: Donations

It’s the day to get your GREEN on.

But I already gave mine away.

I won’t be blue either, literally or otherwise. I have no blue clothing to un-possess and—praise everything good and holy—THE SUN IS SHINING! So, I am not blue as in sad.

No, today, St. Patrick’s Day, the day to celebrate the Irish in ye with green shamrocks and green cabbage and green beer; on this day all about the green, I will be jigging my indigo and violet cast-offs down to the Goodwill. Seems like I could have timed my colorful ROY G BIV un-fashionings better. I blame the time change.

Hey, change is hard. We get in our paths, our groves, some would say our ruts, and thinking outside the rut is hard. I acknowledge this and I enjoy change. I watch my loved ones who skitter away from change like fiddler crabs at the shore line: “Look out! Look out! Ooo ooo, look out!” and I think they just need a better strategy.

Take, for example, my wonderful sister. Donna would definitely check the “change-averse” box on the questionnaire. So when I was recently back in Virginia visiting her, she knew she would be accommodating a few deviations from her comfortable routine. Such as our mother having cataract surgery. Not an everyday occurrence.

Complicated story short-ish: Donna was determined not to drive off to work the morning of the surgery taking with her the set of car keys that would have had my brother-in-law, Jim, and me reassuring my mom that, yes indeed, OF COURSE we had intended all along to take her, an 83 year old grandmother, in a hastily arranged taxi 22 miles to the surgery center for surgery on her eye.

How did my sister prevent this moment of screwball-comedy panic?

  • With a series of color-coded Post-it notes throughout the house?
  • A large reminder message flashing on her computer?
  • A trip-wire claxon rigged at the front door?

Well, no. My sister’s completely efficient memory-aid was one rubber band. Not around her wrist, but around her car keys.

easy does it

I love efficiency. I love change. And I really love my sister, who managed her resistance to change so efficiently.

Jim and I drove mom to her surgery with time to spare and, considering the circumstances, we even had a good time. We pointed out to mom that right next door to the optical surgery center there was a colo-rectal surgery center. We had mom convinced that it was either one stop shopping or an entirely new cataract removal protocol…

Erin go Bragh! Go Irish!

Especially tomorrow versus Akron, although by then my poor bracket may already be in tatters. Some things never change.


One Response to “What Color is Your Jig?”

  1. melanie Says:

    The colorectal surgery center made going in for cataract removal better by comparison, I bet! Unless there is a 2-for-1 deal?
    Love the fiddler crab metaphor.

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