Coasting Toward Empty


riding the empty-nest roller coaster

Urgency Day 144

500 Things Item 357: Set of Bird-themed Coasters

  • History: From Virginia, somewhere, sometime
  • Value: The box says $12 when new.
  • Parting Pain: Not if the recipient enjoys them.
  • Un-possessing: Does anyone have a recipient for them?

Man, the unopened-box thing last week was f-u-n, just FUN! Now, here’s the thing today:

I am beat.

And I feel more like looking back than looking forward.

At some point, I signed up for a This is a blast! weekend package. I can’t tell you how many times I caught myself saying “This is a blast!” Certainly more times than are good for my productivity/waistline/under-eye-circles.  The fun started on Thursday when my friend Melanie took me to a cooking demonstration at Whole Foods. The event was sponsored by Triblocal (kind publisher of excerpts from this site) and featured three area bloggers preparing “Healthy Meals on a Budget.” Any Healthy meal that includes ¾ cup of heavy cream certainly has my attention!

Then Paul and I were empty nesters for the weekend (still a novelty since the Self-Contained Unit hasn’t gone off to a fancy-pants college yet). We took full advantage of our nest status by high-tailing it into the Big City and doing Big City Things: Absorbing Culture; eating at a fancy restaurant (with a Groupon, but still); talking with each other about Absorbing and Grouponing.

My annual March Madness trouncing was especially raucous this weekend, with the unanticipated advancements of VCU (go Rams!) and Butler (go Dawgs!). We have intimate connections to both schools. Our invitation to watch next Saturday’s Final Four game along with some serious Butler friends included a strongly worded admonition:

COOPERATE or sit in the corner.

GO DAWGS! (I promise my fingers are crossed, Sean.)

So here I am, post-Blast, slightly deflated but also Fat and Happy, and, you know, less than mo-tivated.

What do you do when your “mo-” has vacated?

No, I’m really asking: What do YOU do?

So far today, this has been my process:

  • Staring out of the window.
  • Making tea.

I feel like the duck in a certain classic sitcom scene: “Stare at the wall. Hardly move. Be white.”

I’m kind of yellow, but you know.

Sam will be home from his trip soon, and then the nest will feel properly populated again. He’ll bring stories and music. And laundry. Boy laundry. We’ll have some tea and I will stare at him. While I can. For as long as I can.

I guess I really am looking forward,

and not really looking forward to what I see.


4 Responses to “Coasting Toward Empty”

  1. boysgonewild Says:

    Tiny little baby steps. Fifteen minutes of doing something, then go back to your cup of tea. Everybody needs a break.

  2. sthibeault Says:

    Brilliant. Frequent breaks. Love it.

  3. melanie Says:

    When I re-unite with my previously-part-of-the-nest denizens, all I do is stare at them with a smile on my face, just like you. They sure are cute!

    We were at Buffalo Wild Wings in Indianapolis this weekend during the last 20 minutes of the Butler game. That was SO exciting! The bar went wild with happiness.

  4. sthibeault Says:

    How often do you get to experience “wild with happiness,” especially at an establishment with the wild baked right in? Fabulous!

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