The Fourth Force


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Urgency Day 113

500 Things Items 380-87: Star WarsToys

  • History: Lovingly collected; lovingly played forward
  • Value: Priceless (literally in some cases)
  • Parting Pain:Have you seen Toy Story 3? It’s complicated.
  • Un-possessing: Already gifted

May the Fourth Be With You!

Because May 4th is International Star Wars Day! But even more significantly, it’s my mom’s birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Sometimes the Stars align, such as celebrating both my luminous mom and that spectacular movie about a scrappy band of stellar rebels. In case you were unaware, big fan, right here. Big nerdy fan.

But my mom is the coolest mom. She has gamely watched so many years of science fiction movies and TV shows with me and my sister; decades really.  Even now, when she sees Capt. Kirk hanging on through sheer bare-chested grit, we can still get her going with the line, “This is the one where Kirk dies, Mom.”

“Really?!”   “Ohhh, you guys are kidding me!”

You’ve heard it before: The dictionary definition of gullible includes a picture of my mom.

But being gullible is not the same as being unintelligent. Mom is one of the best-read people I know. And remarkably, she constantly marvels at the changes she has seen over the course of her life. We all know people who rue change, who view whatever condition the world was in when they were young as the definitive measure of desirability.  Not mom.

Maybe it’s because she was a nurse and values the wondrous advances in medicine she has witnessed, or it may simply be her transcendent curiosity, but she has never shied away from the next new thing. She wants to understand technology and all the new gadgetry.

Like many grandparents, she will watch her grandson play his various beeping games for hours. “Oh, I just love being with you, honey,” she’ll say. But then you’ll hear her ask him, “How do you move around that video game so fast? I wish I could do that!”

I wish I could do that. I wish I could embody the delight my mom still exudes in the ninth decade of her life. I know she will savor this quote I read yesterday:

“Living on earth may be expensive, but it includes an annual free trip around the Sun.” (anon.)

Happy 84 free stellar trips, Mom!

The Force has always been with you.

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4 Responses to “The Fourth Force”

  1. melanie Says:

    Delightful. Absolutely delightful. You’re right – you DO have a great mom. I have absolutely zero regret about sharing my mom’s Best Mom status with your mom. Happy birthday to your mom, and congratulations to you to have her to cherish.

  2. sthibeault Says:

    With the work we do, we know how very precious these women are. All the “Best Mom” moms should be celebrated!

  3. Donna Says:

    Our mother definitely set the mom-bar very high, and the grandmom-bar even higher, I think. Happy Birthday, Mom.

  4. sthibeault Says:

    The “high grandmom-bar” makes me giggle. I’m seeing our mother, whiskey sour in hand, leaping over a high-jump bar. She is Super-Grandmom! (explains her love of Superman, too)

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