Spot On, Donna


sweet but unused

Urgency Day 110

500 Things Item 389: Set of Egg Cups

  • History: From long ago and far away
  • Value:  Sat on a shelf more than they held my eggs
  • Parting Pain: My cupboard is a little less inviting, but no separation pain
  • Un-possessing: Gift

If you are a pattern seeker like me, you may have noticed a pattern on my May blog:

We celebrate a lot of birthdays in May!

A lot as in “Holy crap, what was going on all those Augusts ago?”

Between Paul’s family and my family and our closest friends’ families, we have 12 May honorees. Plus Mother’s Day. In some families that may not seem excessive. But here is a coincidence that I think makes my pattern a bit more exceptional:

Paul and I each have one sister who was born on the anniversary of the other’s parents:

  • My Donna was born on his John & Virginia’s anniversary, May 7;
  • His Katherine was born on my Arthur & Joyce’s May 15.

I think that’s a cool bit of family overlap. Plus, I recently pieced together that my niece Laura– of tiny sand-crab fame— shares a May 5th birthday with my dearest friend’s gorgeous mom, Bonnie—which is also Cinco de Mayo. I say, Margaritas for everyone!

Oh my dear lord, who am I forgetting?

I realize that sending out these very personal posts, or “modern greeting cards” as I call them, makes this blog feel even more personal than it already is– which is pretty darn. I’ll risk it. There’s not a chance I am going to miss wishing my darling sister a great big bloggy Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Donna!

And speaking of chance and patterns and sisters, all these things converge remarkably in Donna. My sister Donna is famous, infamous actually, for having the most unlikely consistency in one very specific routine task: Parking. Donna has uncanny luck with finding parking spots right next to whatever entrance she needs to use. Her luck in this area is so consistent, when other’s familiar with this pattern share in her good fortune and find a wildly convenient place to park, it is recognized with this invocation:

Donna spot!

On Donna’s birthday, I wish you all a happy Donna spot. I hope you recognize the patterns of good fortune in your own life. Luck comes into our lives in obvious ways and in small ways which are not always easy to spot.

But having treasured sisters is the greatest luck of all.

Also a happy Donna spot


3 Responses to “Spot On, Donna”

  1. Donna Says:

    Donna would trade all of her lucky parking spots for Sam hair.

  2. Katherine Says:

    Recently in busy downtown Doylestown PA on a Friday evening, JK & I found ourselves without a parking spot in sight. We began to chant “don na, don na, don na,” he in Gregorian mode, me in football game mode and within a block there magically appeared a lot with TWO SPACES to chose — a selection! Thanks, Donna; hope your bday was terrific.

  3. sthibeault Says:

    I love this, especially the chanting choices! Who knew John was so monastic and you were so raucous?! Fabulous insight.

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