Why I Hate Summer


It's 90 degrees out. Am I mad?

Urgency Day 106

500 Things Item 391: Winter Coat

  • History: c. 1999, I meant to un-possess it last winter
  • Value: It’s a good warm coat which someone will enjoy
  • Parting Pain: Embarrassed that I have so many coats, so no parting pain
  • Un-possessing: Donation

I hate summer.

I take a lot of abuse for saying this.

I also receive a fair amount of support.

Summer seems to be a more divisive topic than you might expect.

If you’ve been so kind as to take notice of the 250 Books list I’m methodically compiling, you may have observed a wonderful children’s book at #23, Summer by Alice Low. Occupying position 23 on my list should not suggest it is my 23rd favorite book; that is merely the order in which it was added. Actually, this little picture book is probably one of my top 5 favorite books.

It’s a sweet, funny tribute to all the things I used to love about summer-time, back when summer was about time: Time off, time to relax, time to do absolutely nothing. Summer-time is quantifiably different from other-time.

And it’s ridiculous to say we did nothing in summertime. We did everything in summertime!… except go to school, and that made summer the absolute perfect time.

Being done with school now, the lack of school doesn’t make summer perfect anymore. That’s not what is missing for me. The beach is missing for me. Has been for years now, and I miss it with an ache as potent as the loss of a soul mate.

But wistfulness is not hate. And I hate summer.

  • I hate the heat AND the humidity:
  • I hate perspiring glasses and people;
  • I hate that panicky space of time between shutting the passenger door on your buckled-in child or panting dog and dashing around to the driver’s door to start the car and crank up the air conditioning;
  • I hate air conditioning;
  • I hate when the air conditioning breaks;
  • I hate spider veins, month-old pedicures, self-tanner stains, bikini waxes, needing bikini waxes.

And there’s the ugly truth. I hate that aging means I’ve become high-maintenance in summertime. It’s not the aging; it’s the maintaining.

Summer used to be about a tank top, a pair of shorts and maybe some flip flops. Not anymore. Now, I need time to be presentable; more time than in the wintertime; too much time, to present myself comfortably, and I hate wasting time.

What am I working toward in this project?

Less stuff, more time!

And I don’t want to do nothing anymore; I want to do everything! Except preen. What a waste of time.

But that’s what it’s come to for me: Self-consciousness. I hate that.

Ditto, summer.


6 Responses to “Why I Hate Summer”

  1. melanie Says:

    Preening. Ik. It takes me twice as long every morning just to look half as good as my worst day 2 years ago! But I do like summer.

  2. Donna Says:

    Melanie couldn’t have said it better. And–I love sitting at my desk on a 75 degree morning with that cool/warm breeze blowing in and nothing on but a t-shirt and some shorts. I love all the seasons, but I really love summer. All of your points were absolutely spot on, but I really love summer.

    Don’t lose the faith; there’s a beach vacation in your/our future.

  3. Sydney Says:

    You know I’m with you on this. Maybe it’s that the cold at least offers me some degree of control that the heat doesn’t. I like layering. Adding, adding, and adding more until, ahh…. just right. Cocooned and protected against the elements.

    In summer there is only subtracting, and exposing, and then what? I’m still too flippin’ hot and I’ve run out of options. I hate summer.

  4. sthibeault Says:

    When I said I get “some support” on this aversion, you were definitely one of the “some.” The two-some, as far as I tell after the drumming I’ve received from this!

  5. Nikki Says:

    I am the same way about putting my daughter in the hot car — I have to zip around to the driver’s side in fear she may melt from the heat. I know those moments well of sitting down as a passenger in a hot car and the oven-warmth of it makes me lose my breath and feel like a cupcake baking.

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