A Right Hip Thing


broken thing-a-majigs: rough for smoothie making

Urgency Day 77

500 Things Item 410: My Trusty Blender

  • History: About six years old
  • Value: New—about $60
  • Parting Pain: Oddly, yes
  • Un-possessing: Recycle

Why do we invest inanimate objects with feelings?

I am parting ways with my trusty blender, which come to think of it, has been pretty animate. At least I would want to be called “animate,” if I chopped and mixed and whirled and liquefied. In fact, I do all those things, including liquefy in the recent crazy heat.

My trusty blender has been the hardest working small appliance in my kitchen for years. Apparently, I ask a lot of my kitchen appliances. On July 28, 2010, item #106 in the 500 Things Project was my broken toaster. A little less than a year and 304 Things later, I am downsizing my trusty blender. Or it downsized itself, by breaking a couple of motor-turning thing-a-majigs.

I never claimed to be an engineer.

I’m sad for my trusty blender. It made smoothies, well, I can’t honestly say EVERY morning, but MANY MANY mornings to start Sam’s day with a glass of frothy love– plus a packet of Emergen-C to fill in any essential vitamins lacking in mama-love. So, I’m having a hard time imagining putting my trusty, dependable but now broken blender in the recycle bin. Why? It’s just a thing; just a bunch of wires and strings and tape.

Again, not an engineer.

But I think even a blender is more than the sum of its parts.

My friend, my very dear friend Vicky, had hip-replacement surgery on Monday. A few times, she admitted to feeling a little sentimental about her hip. Yes: Not scared about surgery; sentimental about her hip. Through her life, that hip had walked every step with her, but due to some unlucky genetic early deterioration of the joint, it would have to be replaced or there would be no more steps.

The night before her 5:15 AM trip to the hospital, a few sneaky friends clandestinely left a sign on the windshield of her car:

To Vicky’s Right Hip: Thanks for the Memories.

I suspect Vicky might have appreciated the sentiment more than her hip.

But that’s the point. We invested sentiment in a part. Sure we were more worried about our friend going through this untimely (she’s very young!) major surgery, but oddly, we were nostalgic about the obsolete body part, too: Vicky’s totally animated, life of the party, now thoroughly obsolete, right hip.

Last weekend, just 2 days before the surgery, the non-profit Vicky directs and with which I volunteer, Families Helping Families in partnership with Bridge Communities, presented a cooking and nutrition class for our clients; one in a series of classes which inform our clients about healthy ways to feed their families home cooked meals on a budget.

Plus they go home with some really cool stuff, like—new blenders!

Wanting to showcase their cool new blenders– and having some experience in this area– I volunteered to give a smoothie-making presentation. I started my demonstration by pointing out the broken motor-gear thingies on my trusty blender, to explain why the blending part of the demo might take a little longer than with their shiny new, fully-functioning machines.

And Vicky didn’t miss a beat. She interrupted my smoothie-making efforts to present me with a brand new, ultra-powerful, 2-in-1 blender; the very same one our clients were going home with! Let’s just say there was some unexpected salt in my smoothie.

It was a spontaneous act of generosity by a person whose every action and part is animated by selflessness.

And, she’s one of the hippest chicks I know.


2 Responses to “A Right Hip Thing”

  1. Donna Says:

    “…and remember, a heart is not judged by how much we love, but by how much we are loved by others.”

  2. melanie Says:

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family. And to the old blender: RIP.

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