I See Dead Plants


gifting to stop carnage

Urgency Day 72

500 Things Items 411:  Herb Pot

  • History: From my “I SEE DEAD PLANTS” collection
  • Value: Only for my compost pile
  • Parting Pain: None- I am a Truly Awful Plant Person
  • Un-possessing:  Gift

Never accept dares.

It should go without saying, especially when you are, well, let’s just say old enough to know better. But the moment was so chaotic and the darer was so darn cute, I couldn’t resist.

That’s what they say about The Devil, right?

In the year 1999, a lot of people were seeing dead people. Remember? A certain movie, a certain clever plot twist, a lot of movie reviews with bold-typeface warnings about SPOILERS! By 2000, most people had either seen the movie or knew the twist.

Not me. I don’t do scary movies.

Not since I read The Shining. Remember the part with the scary stuff? Yeah, me too. All. The. Time. I don’t do scary:

  • Books
  • Movies
  • Cartoons (Bambi)
  • Food (ditto)

How then did I get dared into watching The Sixth Sense? A little blond devil, my niece no less, dared me with these words:

“If Navy wins, you have to watch The Sixth Sense!

Navy won.

Now, I could fill in a lot of details about this historic game: The annual student-parent-faculty basketball game between rival elementary schools Navy and Crossfields, in which my darling 6’4 husband played and provided some much appreciated height to the adult line-up, and which came down to a buzzer-beating swish which I heard more than saw, because fingers make excellent eye covers when you are too scared to watch. But suffice it to say,

Navy won.

Don’t get me wrong. I wanted Navy to win, but you know how it is sometimes with heart’s desires: You are so sure there is no way the thing you want so desperately to happen will happen,  you make wild statements, place unreasonable bets, accept unthinkable dares in an effort to create a circumstance in which the thing you want to happen might just possibly happen.

“Yes yes! If Navy wins, I will watch The Sixth Sense!”

Navy won.

And I watched a scary movie, from underneath the protection of my grandmother’s hand-knit afghan and from behind my excellently opaque fingers. And I saw dead people.

I was scared. I am still scared.

In honor of that long-ago dare and my commitment never ever again to see I SEE DEAD PEOPLE movies, I am giving this I SEE DEAD PLANTS pot to my friend, Megan.

May she grow in peace.


3 Responses to “I See Dead Plants”

  1. Megan DeAngelis Says:

    Hallelujah! The pot is mine, all mine. I will ‘brave’ it with bare hands and green thumbs. You haven’t lived fully (according to some) until you have successfully yielded a bunch of different herbs out of a bunch of little holes in a clay herb pot thingy. I am truly cool now and won’t need an afghan for warmth or dead plant viewing 🙂 Thanks Suz!

  2. sthibeault Says:

    You were cool way before the gifting of my “Clay Herb Pot Thing,” which I think you should use as a name for it: CHPT= Chipped. Which he is, so there you go. xxoo

  3. melanie Says:

    Megan – you and your green thumb: you GROW girl!

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