The Party’s Over


You too, Uncle Burt

Urgency Day 70

500 Things Items 412-420:  Assorted Party-Specific Décor

  • History: From the recent revels
  • Value: You’d have to ask the Decorations Committee
  • Parting Pain: Zip
  • Un-possessing: Just ask

The Decorations Committee simply had to have the balloon that said, Way to go, Uncle Burt!

We weren’t celebrating Uncle Burt. We don’t even have an Uncle Burt. We were actually having a high school graduation party for the Self-Contained Unit.

The party store didn’t have any Self-Contained Unit-specific balloons. Go figure.

But the visiting Decorations Committee did a bang-up job, with tons of Way to go, Grad! and Class of 2011 sparkly stuff, and one fantastically random Way to go, Uncle Burt! Mylar balloon. We definitely got some mileage out of that.

Parties and travel have much in common. They each require lots of:

  • Effort
  • Expenditures
  • Lists
  • Willing spirits
  • Spirits…
  • Clean up

I have a theory that it takes as many days to recover from a trip as days you travel. The laundry sorting, the luggage storing, the music facing. Years ago, my darling sister put together a magnificently-detailed  travel-prep checklist which has been cleaved to gratefully ever since. You know that baby is laminated. (And digitally saved and filed in fire-proof storage.) I wish, however, she would prepare an equally methodical travel-recovery checklist.

Ditto, a party-recovery checklist.

So, here are a couple of my own not-ready-for-lamination party-recovery thoughts.

There are certain party accessories it makes sense to sort, store and reuse. For the grad party, I didn’t have to buy a single paper plate, plastic utensil or cocktail napkin. Not one. Of course, this falls more under the heading of reduce than reuse, as in reduce the ridiculous surplus of disposables set aside in my Apocalypse Kit.

Those items were the purview of my committee, the Food Committee. We didn’t feel the urge to theme. The Decorations Committee, on the other hand, saw a grand opportunity to theme AND RAN WITH IT.

But I am pretty sure I won’t be called upon to re-bedazzle my house with Class of 2011 sparkly stuff. One party-recovery thought that is definitely ready for lamination would be, as I go forward in my downsized life, I don’t want to travel with themed-clutter, no matter how sweet the memories. Besides, we’ve got great pictures– digitally saved and filed in fire-proof storage.

I am, therefore, offering up an only slightly used Grad-Party-in-a-Bag! to anyone who still has graduates to celebrate this year.

Way to go, Class of 2011!

You too, Uncle Burt.


4 Responses to “The Party’s Over”

  1. Donna Says:

    Awww. Great memories, preserved in many places.

    • melanie Says:

      I, too, take my travel planning seriously. I have a toiletry bag ready and packed as if I were a doctor and it was my emergency kit. Great post.

  2. kara Says:

    I want the magnificently-detailed travel-prep checklist!!

  3. melanie Says:

    The thought had crossed my mind too!

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