I, Luddite


I really do miss vinyl.

Urgency Day 57

500 Things Items 438-49: The Musicals (don’t panic)

  • History: Latest incarnations of music that’s been with me a long  long time
  • Value:  $250 conservatively
  • Parting pain: Oh My Gravy
  • Un-possessing: Sending to excellent foster homes

After an improbable string of losses at computerized solitaire, I picked up a real deck of cards and won the very first game.

I hear you, Universe! I am meant to be a Luddite.

Unfortunately, I live in an inhospitable realm called The Digital World. C’est la vie.

I want so much to participate in the pads and the pods and the touches. Androids? Loved them for years, going all the way back to I, Robot.

Hey, maybe Mr. Asimov invented this iStuff.

Many Christmases ago, my boys very generously—and very optimistically—tried to guide me into the world of Incredibly Portable Music. They gave me an iPod. On paper, this should have been a cloud-parting-angels-singing moment. It should have been like my first taste of caramel corn. It should have ensured my eventual need for hearing aids from the hyper-volumized music constantly pumping into my eardrums.

It wasn’t. It wasn’t. It didn’t.

Quick iPod question:  How do you get the CDs in there? And HOW DO YOU GET IT TO PLAY THE SONG YOU WANT? Because when I touch something with a screen, it reaches out and slaps me.  Really, I swear.

Oh Oh Oh! That’s my cool invention: The iSwear!

Only I am sure I didn’t get there first. Have you noticed that it’s not actually possible to have an original idea anymore? When was the last time you Googled something and got zero results?

Well, I’m trying to make peace with my iPod. And I decided to jump in cold turkey. I’m loading it with my favorite music. Show tunes.

Don’t make my screen slap you. FYI: Stephen Colbert and I have this preference in common.

And I’m sending my Cds (minus the liner notes) along to kindred Broadway spirits. There’s no going back now. If I can’t figure out this tiny little replica of the monolith from 2001, I may drive a few people crazy.*


* Thanks, as always, Mr. Sondheim.


One Response to “I, Luddite”

  1. melanie Says:

    1) I’m buying the iSwear. That’s an original idea! You will NOT find this if you Google it. 2.) You can’t beat The Sound of Music soundtrack. Except maybe with The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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