March Time


Thanks, Phil!

For all my fussin’ and fumin’ about summer, I adore the Fourth of July!

I love fireworks and watermelon and John. Philip. Sousa. Oh yeah, I love a march. That handsome lad in uniform? He’s Philip J. Eberly, my nephew-in-law, and he plays the euphonium (or what I call a tubini- sorry Phil) in the Navy Band.

The real deal United States Navy Band.

That blows me away, as does his talent.

Great music on the Fourth of July– that’s an inalienable right. Actually, music and movies. I pulled out my favorite holiday DVDs:

  • The Musicals, of course:
    • 1776
    • Music Man
  • The Obvious:
    • Independence Day
    • Jaws
  • Sure, but why not:
    • Apollo 13
    • National Treasure

I used to pull out the remake of The Parent Trap, what with the summer fun and a different take on an American/British rivalry. But then Lindsay imploded and Natasha < gulp> died. I’m looking for more upbeat holiday fare.

So, Jaws?

Well, I don’t do The Patriot. Too gruesome; too Gibson.

So, Jaws.

No Gibson!

Plus I added the annotated book of the musical 1776 to my 250 Library. And that’s enough digitizing for a holiday.

Hope you enjoy some music, your favorite holiday-themed movies and some watermelon. And remember: Safety First with those fireworks.

Happy Birthday, America.


Me in my head (from Summer by Alice Low)


2 Responses to “March Time”

  1. Donna Says:

    I will be very very sorry when it’s time to “donate” that 500th item on your list because I will miss your blogs so much. You say what I feel. And you feel what I feel, but cannot say one 500th as well as you.

    Happy Fourth to Naperville!!!

  2. sthibeault Says:

    Happy Fourth, Virginia! Not pale, not puny, just perfect.

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