Count Your Blessings and Your Books


It’s Friday: Watch out!

I’m connecting dots.

Today, I saw a recommendation on the PBS Facebook page (like) for a new book about an old event:

“The Last Gunfight: The Real Story of the Shootout at the O.K. Corral—and How it Changed the American West” by Jeff Guinn.

Hmmm, “Changed the American West.” Intriguing. I adore non-fiction that sheds new light on or gives a new interpretation of familiar subjects.

So, my dots:

  • Gunfight
  • Guns
  • Winchesters
  • Winchester, Simon—author of
    • The Professor and the Madman
    • The Map that Changed the World
    • Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded, August 27, 1883
    • A Crack in the Edge of the World

among other books.

But these are four that I own, and I love, and which are now occupying position #44 on my 250 Library list. Four books, one position. That’s what I said.

I could have connected the O.K. Corral book with other dots, say, to a truly wretched episode of Classic Trek: Spectre of the Gun. This time, aren’t we all glad I went with classy non-fiction instead of Classic Trek (see #42)?

Well, most of us.

More downsizing to follow.


5 Responses to “Count Your Blessings and Your Books”

  1. kara Says:

    Loved The Professor and the Madman and Krakatoa.

    Haven’t read The Map that Changed the World or Crack in the Edge of the World but will add them to my list.

    Here some I enjoyed:
    Devil in the White City
    Isaac’s Storm
    Under the banner of heaven
    The Final Frontiersman: Heimo Korth and His Family, Alone in Alaska’s Arctic Wilderness
    Benjamin Franklin Isaacson
    Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley
    This organic life (Gussow), plus all of Pollan’s

    • sthibeault Says:

      Love Isaac’s Storm! Paul loves anything by Krakauer but I’m not allowed to read Under the Banner– or Devil in the White City, for that matter. Quel domage, as I practically live in the White City.Lots of rough and tumble stuff on this list. Love it, Kara! And Pollan would be on my list, but I don’t OWN any. Yikes. Although that didn’t stop me with #39. Still hoping to find them at a Friends of the Library book sale!

  2. Donna Says:

    Oooo, Kara, you need to apply for membership in the Quirky Book Club (QBC), something our family founded a number of years ago. I’m taking note of all of Suz’s blog titles and yours, too.

    Suz, I applaud and support your declaring four items as one, but let’s hear it defended.

  3. sthibeault Says:

    Kara T. is hereby nominated and seconded for membership in the Quirky Book Club. Motion carries.

    Defense: Petulant answer: My list, my rules. Better answer: I’m more committed to the author than the individual titles. Therefore, #44 The Collected Works of Simon Winchester. See also, #1– Shakespeare, Wm. Collected Works.

  4. Donna Says:

    Fabulous defense. Makes perfect sense — and allows for wiggle room.

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