ABOUT an hour ago today– which happens to be mid-June, 2010– Paul and I put our son Sam on an airplane and sent him to Connecticut. He will be met by Uncle John who will take him to Aunt Kay who will introduce him to the Ivy-covered halls of learning.

This is one step on our downsizing checklist.

At the end of the checklist, Paul and I awake to find ourselves coincidentally divested of most of our excess crap and, sadly but necessarily, our very best “thing,” Sam.

This blog is a story about downsizing:

The disposal of stuff– 1 thing every day for 500 days; the launching of a child; the evolution of expectations; and all the musings that go along with careening– planned and very unplanned– toward the next adventure.

Welcome to my digs, just please don’t call this a journey.

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