My darling sister created this very detailed list years ago and kindly gave me a copy. Developed before, for example, cell phones and laptops, The List has evolved as life-needs change– children grow and, for some, “cats” turn into dogs. I find this list to be an indispensable aid in smooth-travel departures. Well, smoother…

Leaving on a Trip

  • Main water turned off—but plan for cats and garden
  • Plants watered- indoor and outdoor
  • Light timers set
  • Bills paid
  • Garden/Lawn care
  • Cat  (pet) care:
  • Notes for caretaker
  • Litter accessible
  • Litter disposal
  • Newspaper canceled
  • Newspapers and mail taken in
  • Appliances off
  • Computer off or pack laptop
  • Notes/keys for neighbor
  • Washer/Dryer emptied
  • Dry cleaning picked up
  • Dehumidifier emptied
  • Veg/fruits/butter/bread in fridge or take with on car trip
  • Clean out coffee maker (car trip thermoses)
  • Clean out refrigerator
    • Have unopened milk and juice for return
    • Think about return meal options (freezer?)
  • Windows down and locked
  • Trash to go out on trash day or bins brought in
  • Deck accessories secured
  • Thermostat set for travel
  • Cameras and chargers!
  • Cell phones and chargers!
  • Games and chargers!
  • Ceiling fans off
  • Meds and Rxs esp. inhalers
  • Passports
  • Musical instruments:
  • Turned off
  • Off floor
  • Guitar and accessories packed if taking


In addition to the above, my sister’s list included these glimpses into Donna-land.

  • Toaster-crumb tray cleaned
  • Drying-line laundry brought in
  • Change furnace filters
  • Space heater in office off
  • Grandfather clock …
  • 3rd car where?

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