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Urgency Day 90

500 Things Items 404-406: Laundry Mishaps

  • History: Moving-too-fast purchases
  • Value: Without coupons, approx. $15
  • Parting Pain: Yes, as a cautionary tale
  • Un-possessing: Offering to non-HE needing friends

Do you love Simon and Garfunkel?

I sure do. Which songs would be in the middle of our hypothetical Simon and Garfunkel Venn diagram: Bridge Over Troubled Water, Scarborough Fair, Sounds of Silence? Probably. How do you feel about Feelin’ Groovy?

It should be the song that is on a constant loop when I grocery shop.

Slow down, you move too fast…

I have a bad habit of trying to sneak in a quick trip to the grocery store– you know, just for “a couple of things”– before bus stop duty. This engenders several consistent results:

  1. I buy too little
  2. I buy too much
  3. I usually forget the one thing I actually went for.
  4. And I can be relied upon to buy the wrong laundry detergent.

My block on this is quite uncanny. I know I have a high efficiency washer. I know I need HE designated laundry detergent. But in the face of the


the liquids, the powders, the gels; mountain scent, citrus scent, fragrance free, dye free, bleach alternative, best in cold water, on the rocks or straight up…

I am standing there, knowing I should already be loading the groceries into my car or I’m going to be late, not still STILL standing there, overwhelmed by laundry detergent.

4. And I can be relied upon to buy the wrong laundry detergent.

Last September, I wrote about wanting to fluff my laundry nook. It’s small and less than inspiring, and I just wanted a pretty spot to accomplish this most Zen of tasks—one that is never ever truly finished.

There’s nothing like hosting a big party to inspire a few household updates.

Just in time for the Self-Contained Unit’s grad party, I slapped a coat of pretty blue-green-grey paint on the walls, scrubbed everything else down, and you know what? That tip about a coat of paint being the best quick-fix is really true!


I am so happy with my freshened up laundry area, I vow to take special care in selecting the correct HE laundry detergent to use there. I promise to stop and feel groovy.

Plus, school’s done for me now.

More about that to follow…

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